Biden Campaign Calls for Censorship of Trump Attorney Amidst Ukraine Controversy

Joe Biden has stepped in it once again.

In the Democrat Party’s haste to impeach President Trump, they’ve actually dug up evidence which points to Biden as a guilty party rather than Trump. Earlier this year, Trump spoke with the president of Ukraine about a series of matters; this call has recently become the basis of an impeachment inquiry into Trump following whistleblower claims of a quid-pro-quo.

What this whistleblower likely didn’t count on was research and prior evidence which shows Joe Biden bragging about his own quid-pro-quo with the president of Ukraine. By Biden’s own admission, he threatened to withhold financial aid from Ukraine unless their government fired a prosecutor investigating a gas company which employed his son Hunter Biden.

As these details come to light, Breitbart News reports that Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign is now pushing to silence Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and prevent him from appearing on television.

Everything You Need to Know about Biden’s Moves to Censor Giuliani

In a nutshell, Biden’s campaign has sent a letter to major news organizations asking them to discontinue allowing Giuliani to be booked on air. The letter goes on to accuse the president’s attorney of promoting “debunked conspiracy theories.”

The “debunked conspiracy theories” which the Biden camp is referring to pertain to his previous boasts about withholding funds from Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor who just so happened to be investigating a company which employed Biden’s son. Apparently, Biden would like for Americans to believe that this is all a happy coincidence.

See the letter for yourself here:

Indicators of Guilt

Calls to censor one’s opponents is one of the clearest indicators of guilt. If Biden is truly being honest and if this is all just a misunderstanding, then surely the supporting evidence would materialize.

The truth of the matter is that Biden is far deeper into scandals and corruptions than he’d like for Americans to know…especially now that he’s running for president. Furthermore, Biden is scared that Giuliani will unearth details which aren’t flattering to Biden; this is why the former vice president is scared of what Trump’s attorney will say if he’s given air time on national television.

How much do you think Joe Biden is hiding? How do you believe his request to censor Giuliani will impact his 2020 presidential campaign? Sound off in the comments section below!