Biden Can’t Violate the First Amendment – So He Asked Facebook to Do it For Him


President Joe Biden wants to put a stop to language that prevents Americans from getting the COVID-19 vaccine. He is therefore urging Twitter and other social media corporations to do this for him. That’s because the First Amendment of the Constitution prohibits Biden from doing it.

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White House Press Secretary Attempted to Defend the Decisions

At least that was how Jen Psaki portrays the issue, referring to the Biden government’s requests for communication limits. The boundary between such a suggestion and a mandate, as well as the border among both commercial material monitoring and state censorship, is fuzzy. That’s given the federal administration’s authority to make life tough for Facebook and others.

The backdrop to this issue involves an infringement action against Facebook that’s been dropped in the previous month, but the Federal Trade Commission may re-file it. Also, it contains Biden’s hostility to federal legislation that protects web platforms from accountability for user-posted information. Biden believes should be repealed, despite the fact that it is a horribly poor idea that has majority support.

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy released a recommendation last week, urging for a community-wide effort to tackle the critical threat of medical disinformation. His suggestions comprised proper regulatory and legal efforts to fight health disinformation.

It also maintained consumer privacy and freedom of speech; this is a contradiction, given how difficult it is to fathom that such policies might be compatible with the First Amendment.

Following up on his warning of state speech restrictions, Biden accused social media firms of harming people by enabling anti-vaccine ideas to propagate. On Monday, he clarified that social media companies like Facebook are essentially accomplices in murder.

Biden Thinks Anti-vaxxers Should Be Removed From Social Media

Since so-called anti-vaxxers have performed an increase in the number in pushing anti-vaccine claims, Biden believes they should be banned from social networks. The White House also expects sites to act more quickly against all other individuals who spread misinformation.

For the White House, this would entail an immediate ban against people whose profiles have been terminated on other sites, and reducing the visibility of anti-vaccine material by altering the systems that suggest posts.

Regarding the obvious weight that the Biden government is exerting, its power to file lawsuits and support laws that harm social networking businesses is hard to take seriously. If such corporations carry out the administration’s wishes by suppressing speech that Biden dislikes, they will be operating as law enforcers.

This restriction by proxies is particularly concerning because the disinformation that displeases Biden and Murthy extends beyond verifiably inaccurate comments regarding COVID-19 vaccinations.

It includes assertions that COVID vaccines cause infertility or change human DNA. It also includes factual but deceptive statements, which may prevent immunization by highlighting minor dangers, pointing out that vaccinations aren’t 100% effective, or raising issues about vaccine study methods.