Biden Contradicts Wife, Says Just Beating Trump Isn’t Enough

In the wake of multiple blunders and a 13 point decline in a recent poll, Joe Biden is attempting to get his campaign back on track. The former vice president has faced immense criticism and the side-eye from voters in the wake of him conflating poverty with race, mistaking the time in which he served under former President Obama, and making many other gaffes.

As Biden continues to campaign across the country, his aides are still attempting to brand him as the “most electable” Democrat to challenge President Trump in the general election.

On Wednesday, Biden traveled to South Carolina in order to speak with voters. During his time on stage, the former vice president stated that running to beat Trump isn’t enough, as reported by Breitbart News. This is a point which many other Democrats have made, but particularly in the wake of comments from Jill Biden which clearly suggested otherwise.

What Does Biden View as Necessary for the 2020 Election?

When Biden spoke in Spartanburg, South Carolina, he pushed the narrative that a recession is coming and furthermore claimed that President Trump will attack various groups of people as a result of the supposedly forthcoming recession. This is not a new narrative; many people on the left regularly brand the president as a divisive individual who threatens the values of America.

Biden didn’t deviate from this pattern whatsoever, going as far as to claim that running to beat President Trump in 2020 isn’t enough.

In Biden’s own words:

“The fact of the matter is, I think we’re going to see his — all his worst instincts come out, both internationally and nationally, if the economy does, in fact, continue to slide. I think you’re going to see more attacks on immigrants, inflame racial division, tear the nation apart, and we  — so, we can’t just campaign to beat Donald Trump.”

President Trump has previously stated that Biden is not playing with a full deck, following the latter’s ongoing gaffes.

Contradicting His Wife

Biden’s statements about beating Trump in 2020 not being enough serves as a direct contradiction from remarks made by his wife, Jill Biden. Earlier this month, Jill spoke with Democrat voters and said they may need to “swallow a little bit” and support Biden, even if they don’t agree with him on policy standpoints.

Furthermore, Biden’s wife made the claim that he’s the most electable candidate with the greatest potential to bring in other voters, such as Independents and Republicans. These remarks didn’t go over well with other Democrat candidates. Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren spoke out, following the remarks from Jill Biden; both Booker and Warren denounced the notion of nominating a “safe bet” candidate and only running for the sake of defeating the president.

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