Biden Criticized By Arizona Gov.-Elect on Border Security

Since Joe Biden got into the White House, security at the US southern border has significantly plummeted. The president bears direct responsibility for this since he chose to roll back the effective immigration policies of the Trump administration.

As the border continues to spiral out of control, there’s been no action from the White House. In fact, the White House is continuously passing the buck and assigning blame to others.

However, while the situation worsens, it’s getting harder to realistically pass the buck. The Biden administration, as part of the executive branch, has a duty to uphold the laws of the land. Yet, it has chosen not to.

The Biden administration’s handling of the southern border is so poor that even Arizona Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, is calling it out, per Breitbart News.

Hobbs on Biden’s Management of the Southern Border

During an interview with CNN, the incoming governor said inaction from “both parties” has played a role in the southern border of Arizona being such a disaster.

Hobbs also pointed out that Biden hasn’t done enough when it comes to seeing how the border impacts crime rates and the needs of individuals.

The governor-elect then said she personally put together a plan for the southern border that has the endorsement of multiple border sheriffs.

For a Democrat to come out and criticize Biden’s handling of the southern border is remarkable in a sense. It definitely comes as a shock to many people and speaks to just how out of control the situation has become.

Thus far, the White House has not publicly responded to Hobbs. It also hasn’t provided any sort of update on steps the president plans to take in order to get the border under control.

This marks the continuation of a pattern of inaction from this particular White House.

More on Arizona’s Gov.-elect

Hobbs’ comments about the southern border arrive after she narrowly defeated Republican Kari Lake for the governor’s mansion. Hobbs won by approximately 20,000 votes in a race that came down to the wire.

Since Hobbs’ slight win in Arizona, Lake has vowed to push back against the outcome. The Arizona Republican also raised questions about the integrity of the election, due to errors with tabulation machines in Maricopa County.

Hobbs, on the other hand, has claimed that Lake and others echoing her claims of a tainted election are dangerous.

What do you make about Katie Hobbs’ claims about how the current White House is handling the southern border? Do you believe anything will come of the border plan that Hobbs claims to have put together?

In the comments area down below, you are more than welcome to let us know where you stand.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.