Biden Desperately Tries to Shift Attention Away From Trump’s 2024 Campaign

Only minutes before Trump’s long-awaited 2024 presidential campaign announcement was set to air, President Joe Biden decided to go live with his response to a tragedy in Poland, effectively stealing screentime from the former president.

According to Polish authorities, the missile that exploded inside the country’s borders and murdered two people is still considered to have been Russian-made. It could cause a major geopolitical crisis in eastern Europe.

Biden’s priorities still not in the US

While Biden did do a terrible job hiding his doubts that the Russians were actually involved in the attack, he added that he will wait until a proper investigation is conducted to give his verdict.

Everything about the projectile points at it not having any relation to Russia, starting with the make of the model, as well as its calculated trajectory lines, but with the chaos happening just east of Poland, it’s hard not to point fingers.

For the first time ever, Biden managed to stay calm and collected while handing this piece of information to the masses; although his comments weren’t exactly those that could prevent panic, as he did leave everything up to speculation.

To no one’s surprise, this miraculous feat was made possible with yet another set of cue cards that our senile president was handed off camera; there’s no doubt he couldn’t have done it on his own.

Almost a year later, Russia vs. Ukraine still rages on

Biden assured that the US will be among the first to find out what exactly happened. As soon as that transpires, we will be carefully determining our next step as investigations into the incident continue over in Poland.

Unfortunately, taking any sort of action against Russia at this point is most likely a move that could lead us all into the prelude of World War 3. With our economy on its knees at the moment, it’s the last thing the US or the rest of the world needs.

The one saving grace we have is the fact that Russia’s economy is in an even worse spot after all the sanctions imposed on the country post-invasion; it’s showing in their rapidly slowing advance into Ukrainian territory.

Unlike Biden, Trump spared no time blaming the attack on the Russians. This, despite being a very dangerous statement, is the only logical one to make considering the country’s military action in neighboring Ukraine.

The best possible development for this situation could be the information that the missile was a misfire from Ukrainian troops, which isn’t exactly uncommon, seeing as the country got weapons donations from all across the world.

This narrative is supported by the fact that Russian troops are reportedly running out of ammunition, as well as the fact that Putin is probably equally as aware of the detrimental effects such an irresponsible attack could have.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.