Biden Destroying Dems’ Midterm Hopes With a Simple Mistake

Political pollsters believe Democrats are campaigning on the wrong issues for the midterm elections, which could backfire against them next month.

Veteran political observers suggest Biden is giving unnecessary hype to his achievements, as he thinks he can lure voters by telling them about his victories in the last 21 months.

Biden is Alienated from Voters’ Problems

Instead of making a voter-centric approach and telling people how he can solve the problems of Americans, Biden is pursuing a self-centric campaign.

Stan Greenberg, who was a pollster for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign and husband of a Democratic congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, noted voters negatively perceive Biden’s attempt to highlight his in-office accomplishments.

Greenberg further added it is a common belief in political parties that the incumbent president needs to talk about his accomplishments in the midterm elections, which is absolutely a misconception.

Likewise, Greenberg asserted he tested this strategy where Democrats always lose their voters after Biden’s speech in which he talks about his accomplishments.

Even though Republicans are campaigning on real-life issues that are directly relevant for most Americans, Biden is only focused on blowing his own trumpet, Greenberg added.

Currently, Republicans are talking about crime, inflation, and the border crisis since they know these issues are more relevant for people, as per Greenberg.

According to the Democratic pollster, Biden should always talk about how his policies are helping Americans, instead of telling people how much he has achieved.

While talking to Politico, Greenberg also stated Biden did try to change his strategy, but his current efforts are still not enough to help Democrats in winning the elections. 

Although Biden talked about helping families who are struggling with high inflation, Greenberg continued, he still ends up counting his own achievements.

Economic Situation of the Country Would Decide the Midterms

Greenberg has been evaluating the effectiveness of midterm election messaging since 1994 when Republicans swept both the House and the Senate for the first time after 42 years.

Biden’s midterm campaign is currently focused on boasting about his own tenure as the president.

He has often talked about the infrastructure bill, the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, the bipartisan gun control bill, and the social safety legislation introduced in Congress during his tenure.

Though this campaign strategy of Biden seems highly ineffective, especially at a time when inflation is touching unprecedented heights and crime is surging alarmingly.

Subsequent surveys have also established voters are more worried about the economy.

As per Pew Research, 79% of voters think they would make voting decisions by considering the economic situation of the country. Only 17% of American adults believe the economy of the country is in safe hands at the moment.

Apart from talking about his own accomplishments, Biden also tried to lure voters by talking against MAGA Republicans and accusing them of destroying democracy in the United States.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.