Biden Distances Himself from Calls to Defund the Police

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The movement to defund the police is steadily gaining popularity amongst Democrats. Several left-wing mayors are actively moving to reduce funding from their city police departments; similarly, Democrat congressmembers are openly supportive of dismantling law enforcement agencies.

As time passes, many Americans have wondered where Joe Biden stands on all this. The Democrat nominee has consistently moved further and further to the left in the hopes of appeasing his left-wing, socialist base. Therefore, people are curious about whether he’ll follow suit as it pertains to the movement to defund police.


On Monday, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign pushed back against association with the defund the police movement. Fox News reports the Biden camp’s claims that “reform” rather than the abolition of law enforcement is necessary.

Where Does Biden Stand on Defunding the Police?

Yesterday, Andrew Bates, the Biden campaign’s rapid response director, issued a statement to explain where the former vice president stands.

Bates declared that while Biden understands “the deep grief and frustration” of those who wish to defund the police, the former vice president himself doesn’t favor this measure. The rapid response director continued by stating that Biden priorities lie in halting “this terrible pain” and ensuring that justice is served.

Some of the reform measures supported by Biden include treatment programs for substance abuse, public school funding, mental health initiatives, and more. Critics of Biden have already slammed his campaign’s response as “weak” and failing to condemn the radicals within his base.

The former vice president’s move to distance himself from defunding the police arrives at an interesting time. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of Biden’s own climate change advisers, has come out in favor of the defund the police movement.

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