Biden Economic Aide Visibly Struggles to Defend Inflation, Recession Worries

Of all the issues Joe Biden’s been responsible for overseeing as president, his management of the economy is the worst yet.

America’s economy has worsened drastically on the watch of the Biden administration. Inflation is beyond out of control; a recession is either very much here or will soon arrive.

The White House doesn’t want Americans to believe this. They want the country to believe the economy is thriving and that most people are doing well.

However, reality continues to tell a very different story. Earlier this week, White House economic aide Brian Deese visibly struggled with answering questions from reporters about Biden’s track record on the economy, per Washington Examiner.

A Painful Press Conference to Watch

On Tuesday, Deese got things started by trying to redefine what a recession actually entails.

Generally, when an economy’s gross domestic product (GDP) rate falls for two quarters in a row, this signifies a recession. However, Biden’s economical aide is now trying to retcon that.

This time, Deese claimed despite yet another likely negative GDP rate, a “broad range” of other factors have to be taken into account before a recession can be declared.

After being further pressed on inflation, the White House aide claimed the administration is working to put in place policies to help people during difficult economic times. He didn’t go into detail about what these policies entail or how they’re actually helping the country.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocey pushed back on the White House’s claims that a recession isn’t coming. Doocey mentioned the White House previously claimed there was nothing to worry about concerning inflation.

Naturally, this claim turned out not to be accurate. Inflation has been hammering the lives of Americans for over a year now.

Negative Feedback

The press conference that Deese delivered on Tuesday was widely panned. Americans accused the economic adviser of being unprepared and essentially trying to gaslight the country into not believing what’s playing out in real-time.

To this day, the White House has not revealed any real technique to stop a recession. The administration’s decision to redefine the terms of what constitutes a recession, however, leads to a widespread view that a recession is already here.

This disastrous press conference comes as the United States is months away from the midterms.

Democrats have been collectively struggling to convince Americans to keep them in power, notwithstanding all the horrors unleashed with their party controlling the House and the Senate.

At the rate things are going, the Biden administration should not be surprised if its party is strongly defeated in November.

What do you think about the White House trying to redefine the terms of what a recession really is? Do you believe the country is in a recession or will be in a recession shortly? Let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.