Biden Falsely Claimed Student Loans Passed From Congress

Critics slammed Biden for his wrong claims that his student debt relief program was passed by Congress. 

Even though Biden unilaterally passed an executive order to forgive student loans, he claimed the measure was passed by Congress, but Republicans still challenged it.

Currently, a US Appeals Court temporarily put Biden’s student debt relief program on hold.

Biden’s Lies Exposed

While speaking in a town hall event, Biden stated he signed a student debt relief law, which has now been challenged by Republicans. 

After that, Biden summarized his program, telling the audience his plan included $20,000 of relief for Pell Grant recipients, with $10,000 relief for every other qualified student. 

Furthermore, Biden noted he managed to pass the debt relief program by the margin of a “couple of votes,” adding the program is currently in effect.

Biden’s program was neither passed by Congress, nor is in effect after the court decision, which temporarily halted the program.

In fact, the only reason why Republicans were challenging Biden’s student loan forgiveness program was to ensure the president must get it passed from the legislature.

According to the US Constitution, Congress has the power of the purse, which means all money-related matters should be passed from both chambers of Congress. 

Biden was reluctant to bring the measure before Congress, since it was impossible to pass in the evenly divided Senate.

After Biden’s claims, netizens trolled the president for not even remembering what is happening in the country.

One journalist, Eddie Zipperer, noted Biden is either intentionally spreading white lies or completely unaware of what is happening around him. Similarly, a Washington Post journalist asserted Biden is unable to differentiate between an executive order and a bill.

In addition to that, National Review writer Charles C. W. Cooke established Biden willfully violated his oath of office by signing an executive order which was supposed to be a congressional bill.

Liberals Still Defending Biden

Meanwhile, some liberal commentators suggested Biden’s remarks were taken completely out of context.

The rapid response deputy director of the Republican National Committee, Jacob Schneider, posted a longer clip of Biden’s comments in response to those who were defending the president.

As per the Congressional Budget Office, Biden’s program is a burden of $400 billion on the national exchequer.

In the court, the Department of Justice is backing Biden’s socialist measure, claiming the program is in accordance with the HEROES Act of 2003. This allows the Department of Education to intervene in the student loan relief program in case of emergencies.

The DOJ claimed COVID-19 is the current national emergency, which prompted Biden to make the decision unilaterally.

Liberal news network CNN also fact-checked Biden’s claims and called them misleading. However, many other prominent fact-checkers, including PolitiFact, avoided commenting on Biden’s false claims.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.