Biden ‘Feels Really Good’ About Midterms, Makes Bizarre Victory Forecast

(Social media video snapshot of Biden and Harris' joint Twitter video address.)

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden has come up with a bewilderingly optimistic prediction that his party will win the November 8 midterm elections.

Yet, public opinion polls have consistently given the edge to the GOP. Family finances nationwide remain pummeled by sky-high Bidenflation for more than a year now.

Biden’s Abortion Push

In September, it became clear inflation was not subsiding, but growing further.

Biden and Democrats spent the past several weeks trying to focus Americans’ minds on abortion and “reproductive rights,” rather than the plight of Bidenflation and an economy seemingly entering a recession.

According to most recent public opinion polls, however, Americans who consider inflation the top issue on the ballot in next week’s midterms outnumber those who think of abortion.

Besides touting the importance of abortion and “reproductive rights” and even promising to codify the “right” to abortion in federal law if Democrats win, Biden’s latest campaign appearances are packed with his trademark senility-driven gaffes.

Some of those included Biden claiming to have spoken to the inventor of insulin, who died before Sleepy Joe came into this world, confusing America’s war in Iraq with Russia’s current invasion of Ukraine, and stating his son Beau died in the Iraq war.

In reality, Beau perished of brain cancer in Maryland in 2015.

(Social media video snapshot shows Biden speaking at a tech company in Carlsbad, California)

Biden Sees ‘Fairly Enthusiastic, Good Crowds’

Empty Shelves Joe was campaigning for the Democrats in California on Friday. He shared  his “wildly upbeat” prognosis about how his party would win the midterms on November 8, The Daily Mail reported.

Biden declared he was sure the Democrat Party would keep the Senate and even retain its majority in the House. “I feel really good,” the Democratic president declared concerning his party’s electoral prospects.

According to the polling data model of FiveThirtyEight, a politics website, the GOP’s chance of taking the House is 84%. Republicans also have a 55% chance of grabbing control of the Senate.

During his visit to San Diego, Inflation Joe claimed the media coverage of the election failed to capture the political reality on the ground.

While speaking to the media and trying to raise enthusiasm for Democrats, Biden claimed “most of the debate” happened in those places he visited. Biden boasted he got “fairly enthusiastic” and “pretty good crowds” everywhere.

Sleepy Joe even said he was aware Americas “are struggling from inflation,” but claimed the economy rebounded after the pandemic and had “bright spots” of continuing growth and creating jobs.

Meanwhile, the official Twitter accounts of Joe Biden and his veep Kamala Harris posted a joint video address in which they urged Americans to vote on November 8 because the midterms are “too important to sit out.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.