Biden Finds New Foreign Place to Splurge US Taxpayer Money

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden has come up with a new foreign venue to pour billions of American taxpayer dollars – this time asking Congress for funding to be bestowed upon the International Monetary Fund for redistribution to poorer nations around the globe.

Progressive Democrats Eager to Spend Taxpayer Money

Sleepy Joe’s latest demand for an international splurge of taxpayer dollars comes against the backdrop of a record national debt rapidly approaching $32 trillion. The Democrat Party and Biden administration believe government money to be the answer to everything.

Respectively, they don’t hesitate to borrow lavishly to finance whatever fiscal deficits their spending – often pork barrel squandering of national resources – may have created.

It’s so much so that their waste of US government funds has gotten out of control – starting with the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief plan adopted in March 2021, of which over $100 billion were reportedly embezzled.

Recently, Empty Shelves Joe and the Democrat-majority Congress have been spending big on foreign affairs. While some of that spending could be deemed justifiable, some spending may only be considered of very questionable value to the people of the United States.

The most evident direction of US foreign spending has been to support Ukraine, the victim of the monstrous aggression of Putin’s Russia.

While the tens of billions of dollars America provided to Ukraine in military and civilian aid so far may be an easy target for resent, conservative foreign policy pundits have cautioned that this will very well be worth the investment.

That is if the Ukraine war manages to destroy Russia as a great power and thus remove the Russian threat to America once and for all. Other foreign endeavors, however, may be of even more questionable value to the United States.

21-Year Budget to the IMF at Once

Thus, Biden has just committed $55 billion of US aid to Africa, but with a focus on helping the African nations develop the controversial green energy.

Kabul Joe’s latest brainchild, however, is a request from Congress to approve $21 billion in taxpayer funding to the International Monetary Fund. This UN agency helps stabilize collapsing economies around the globe and supposedly distributes some development aid.

A report by Red State quoted Biden as saying he would like Congress to authorize him to lend the IMF the $21 billion so it could be used to give “low-and-middle-income countries” access to necessary financing.

The report pointed out the United States is already giving $1 billion per year to the International Monetary Fund, with other nations also contributing to its budget.

To top it all off, Biden’s out-of-control spending is occurring against the backdrop of the continuing sky-high Bidenflation that keeps pummeling American families – not to mention his emptying of the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Biden’s agenda seems to be “America last.”

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.