Biden Furious After School Massacre

According to Texas officials, a shooter opened fire at a Texan elementary on Tuesday, killing 19 children.

The killing occurred less than two weeks after a gunman, allegedly driven by political ideology, shot and murdered ten people at a Buffalo grocery store in a mostly black neighborhood.

The new tragedy shocked the public and aroused fury, especially among gun control supporters. They claimed the country could no longer hide behind old justifications for these heinous killing sprees.

The Details

Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, some 85 miles west of San Antonio, was the scene of the massacre. Also slain were at least two adults.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said the accused was an 18-year-old Uvalde resident. He is also now deceased and was supposedly killed by authorities responding to the site.

As per state police, the accused has been named as Salvador Ramos.

The gunman lost control of his car near a school, got out with a pistol, and was wearing a military uniform, according to Erik Estrada of the Texas Security Agency, who spoke to CNN late Tuesday.

Officers from the school district confronted the suspect; although he was able to gain access to the campus and fire his pistol in each classroom.

Before driving towards the classroom with two military-style guns, the shooter shot his grandparent.

State Senator Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat, told the network he bought the pistols on his 18th birthday. He further stated three persons hospitalized as a result of the incident are in critical condition.

According to Estrada, the grandma is in severe condition and numerous others were hurt. He said some of the deceased’s relatives had been told, but he wasn’t sure if all of them had been properly notified.

According to local television sources, some families were still seeking their children at 9 p.m. local time, while others were getting their DNA cleaned to help law authorities identify the victims. Estrada was unable to verify these claims.

When President Biden was returning to the United States after an international trip to Asia, details of Tuesday’s assault began to surface.

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, he was informed of the event and phoned Abbott aboard Air Force One to offer help.

Biden Addressed the Nation

The president gave a passionate and dramatic prime-time speech in the Roosevelt Room after landing at the White House on Tuesday night.

He spoke of the tremendous sadness of losing a kid, something he understands all too well.

He mentioned the 3,448 days after he spoke about the Sandy Hook massacre as vice president. Biden questioned what it would require for legislators to act in his speech.

“When in the name of God are we going to take on the gun lobby?” Biden explained. “How come we’re prepared to put up with this carnage?”

In a Tuesday afternoon speech, Vice President Kamala Harris highlighted the tragedy, frequently stressing that “enough is enough.”