Biden Giggles at America’s Fentanyl Overdose Deaths in ‘Shameful’ Moment

Biden seems to have stolen his veep Kamala Harris’ repulsive chuckle, but for an even more outrageous purpose than expressing nervousness – namely, to laugh at America’s fentanyl overdose victims, whose number is rapidly growing precisely thanks to his “no border” policies.

Accusation Against Biden Was Technically Wrong, Practically Right

The president was practically laughing in response to a mistaken claim by Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

Greene stated had it not been for Biden’s lax border policies, the deaths of two Michigan boys, who perished of a fentanyl overdose, would have been prevented.

Her allegation was technically not correct since the two young men perished in July 2020, months before Joe Biden was even elected to the White House.

The fact of the matter, however, is that the Georgia congresswoman was correct in her main goal to raise alarm at the mind-blowing influx of fentanyl through the virtually non-existent southern border since Sleepy Joe entered the White House.

This does mean that tens of thousands of fentanyl deaths in America over the past couple of years are probably on his hands.

Biden’s Disgraceful Take on ‘Amazing’ MTG

The disgraceful episode in which an American president thought it would be okay to laugh off a political opponent on a highly tragic topic occurred after the mother of two fentanyl victims testified in the US Congress.

Biden’s chuckle occurred at a House Democrat Caucus event in Baltimore on Wednesday evening, The New York Post reported. The previous day, Michigan mom Rebecca Kiessling spoke before Congress on how her two sons aged 18 and 20 died of fentanyl poisoning.

The young men had taken Percocet pills that they had no idea contained fentanyl in a fatal incident on July 29, 2020.

After the congressional hearing, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted about the mother’s testimony, saying her son’s murders were caused by Biden’s refusal to secure the border and prevent the trafficking of narcotics by Mexican drug cartels.

Joe Biden, however, commented on Greene’s accusations during his party event address in Baltimore, and clearly chuckled. He called the Republican congresswoman “amazing,” and gave out a “oof.”

After that, No Borders Joe said Greene had accused him of killing the sons of “a poor mother.” He then added the “interesting thing” was that the fentanyl that killed them “came during” the Trump administration.

Biden’s giggling as he made that observation has sparked nationwide outrage, with Republican Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana calling it “shameful and embarrassing.”

The boys’ mother, Rebecca Kiessling, herself, posted on Facebook a video in which she ripped Biden apart for his disgraceful comments and chuckle.

She couldn’t believe how he could be joking before the entire nation with her loss and the loss of two young lives just as he has been presiding over a lot more of the same horror.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.