Biden Goes Off-Script at the G20 World Leaders Summit

At the G20 World Leaders Summit, Biden had a thing or two to say. Despite being aware of the current state of affairs in the US, as well as his involvement in things getting as bad as they are, he revealed that America is the last of his priorities.

To no one’s surprise, it seems that old Joe is willing to go the extra step and do everything in his power. That is including lying to the entirety of the Democratic voter body, to keep his party in power, albeit unsuccessfully.

The president’s instructions for the G20 were revealed, and he said nothing of the sort

Even though he knew student loan forgiveness would be stopped by the courts, Biden decided to push the idea to pull a fast one on the left-leaning voters, as long as it means the Democrats had a fighting chance.

When asked about a missile that hit and claimed two lives in Poland, which would have created a chain of events culminating in what can only be described as World War III, Biden gave less than a proper answer to the question.

A press member questioned what he knows about the explosions and who might be responsible for them. Before he could utter another word, Biden said “no” and the press was kicked out of the room.

What this essentially translates to is “no and you don’t have a right to know.” The rest of those present at the table looked equally as confident in the information they were given about the Poland missile strike.

Does the missile trajectory have a “mind”?

According to Biden, it is highly unlikely that the missile came from Russia, at least if we look at its trajectory. This points at it likely being fired from neighboring Ukraine instead, indicating a misfire by the country’s troops.

That’s about as much as we’ll get out of Biden before we’re sent off into World War III. Although even he himself wasn’t too sure about what he was saying, as there’s still more than enough possibility for it to have been fired by the Russians.

We can only hope that the unfortunate event will remain classified as an unfortunate incident, as reported by the initial investigation. This found that the explosion was caused by an errant defense missile coming from Ukraine.

However, there’s little to hope for when our president can’t even act on his own in public. He was seen with yet another cheat sheet, this time at the G20 summit. This time, the notes were good enough for a five-year-old to understand.

Unfortunately, Biden being Biden, he lived up to our expectations once again, going off script and making some rather out-of-touch remarks about the other leaders present at the summit.

Biden claimed that a man sitting next to him had biceps the size of his calf and that Biden hoped he was on our side.

A quick intervention later and Biden was informed the man he was referring to was Russian, which didn’t stop Biden from admiring the man’s muscular arms.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.