Biden, GOP Senators to Meet, Discuss COVID-19 Spending Package

"210120-D-WD757-2316" (CC BY 2.0) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

The Biden administration is front and center amid a new week. Already, the 46th president has suffered backlash for his energy policies, executive orders, adverse impacts upon American jobs, and support of the most divisive impeachment in U.S. history.

“210120-D-WD757-1030” (CC BY 2.0) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Many Americans took issue with the nearly $2 trillion dollar spending package that Biden wants to be passed through Congress. Republicans, in particular, argue that the payments within the package should be directly targeted to most-in-need Americans. Therefore, ten moderate GOP senators sought out a meeting with the 46th president.

Biden (who previously turned down a chance to meet with Republicans who disagreed with his energy reforms) agreed to convene with the aforementioned GOP senators regarding his $1.9 trillion spending package, confirms Newsmax.

What to Expect from the Meeting

Thus far, Republican senators have proposed a $600 billion spending package designed to provide relief to the American people. The contents of this package places a focus on helping struggling Americans, small businesses, and other institutions most in need of funding; the provided relief also comes at a much more targeted basis than what Biden is presently proposing.

According to Jen Psaki, the press secretary for the Biden administration, the 46th president spoke directly with Sen. Susan Collins. Hence, Collins and other Republicans who penned a letter to the Democrat president will convene with Biden this Monday.

The meeting comes after Biden’s inaugural address that stressed the importance of working across the aisle and turning down the heated temperatures in America. The outcome of this meeting with Republican senators will ultimately reveal Biden’s true commitment to working in a bipartisan fashion.

Getting the Job Done

In Biden’s current spending package are countless dollars for bailing out blue states. Additional elements also exist with absolutely no relation to coronavirus relief or getting the nation’s economy back to its pre-coronavirus position.

Republicans are very eager for their meeting with Biden to go well. Democrats, however, have spent the past several days openly professing that they can pass whatever legislation they like, whether or not they have Republicans’ votes.

The GOP will be in a much stronger position to compromise and check the radical left if Republicans regain the House majority in 2022.

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