Biden Greenlit Unlawful Raid on Trump’s Iconic Home

Mar-a-Lago was the target of an unprecedented, unnecessary, and illegal assault orchestrated by President Biden.

Biden had to revoke Trump’s executive privilege for the operation, which Attorney Mike Davis argued was unlawful to take place. When Trump departed the White House, the Presidential Records Act permitted him to transport documents he desired to Mar-a-Lago.

Biden allegedly intended to take documents containing evidence of criminal activity by the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, and the inept DOJ and FBI.

Biden’s Sins

New evidence suggests that Biden participated in the raid.

The investigation of America First Legal uncovered new records indicating the FBI obtained clearance to these records by submitting a “special access request” to the Biden White House with the help of the DOJ.

It appears the Biden White House and Department of Justice coordinated in order to obtain Trump’s records, possibly constructing a pretext for the law enforcement search through a “special access request.”

In August last year, memos disclosed that the Biden White House collaborated directly with the Department of Justice and National Archives to launch a criminal probe into Trump’s document handling.

Recently, Attorney Davis appeared on Bannon’s War Room and provided newsworthy details about the numerous legal proceedings and actions against Trump as well as Americans.

When He Was Vice President

Davis stated Trump had the right to have classified or unclassified documents at Mar-a-Lago, whereas Vice President Biden had no such right while in office.

Davis argues that Biden wanted to retrieve documents demonstrating Clinton, Obama, and Biden’s ties to Russian collusion and Garland conducted the operation to cover for him. Only President Biden could waive Trump’s executive privilege.

Bannon argues the timelines demonstrate the Biden administration was aware of Biden’s unlawful possession of classified documents, which is why they targeted President Trump.

Davis asserts this information will reveal impeachable offenses by President Biden. The fact that Biden utilized the Justice Department to target Trump is impeachable.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.