Biden in Hot Water Over Unexpected Visit to Ukraine

For nearly one year, Ukraine has been fighting back in a war initiated by Russia. In this fight, Ukraine receives much support from the western world, with the United States and other nations sending financial assistance and various weapons.

This support is one key reason why Ukraine is still standing and hasn’t been completely seized by Russian fighters. However, as time drags on, there are more and more questions from Americans about how much money we should be giving to Ukraine.

Many Americans are of the view that we’ve done enough for Ukraine and need to focus on the problems we have here domestically. It is for this reason that Joe Biden is now in hot water over taking an unexpected trip to Kyiv, Ukraine while America faces critical problems, per Gateway Pundit.

What Happened?

Much of the world was surprised when Joe Biden appeared in Ukraine, side by side with the nation’s President Zelenskyy. In making this appearance, Biden reaffirmed that the United States and the rest of the world remain standing with Ukraine, as does democracy.

However, there’s a certain irony in Biden taking this trip on Monday, President’s Day. Many folks nationwide pointed out that in real-time, Ohio is still suffering from a train derailment that took place, along with a noxious chemical spill.

The US president was thereby called out for what many Americans deemed to be showing a greater concern for Ukraine than for our own domestic problems.

At this rate, Biden has also made it clear that he has no limit on the amount of funds or resources that he’s willing to send over to Ukraine. This, too, is problematic to US citizens who believe our country’s resources would be best put to use here at home.

No Response From the President

So far, Biden has not responded to critics who believe he should not have used Presidents Day to take a trip to Ukraine. Then again, Biden hasn’t acknowledged prior concerns that America has been sending too much money and weaponry over to Ukraine.

When asked during a press conference about a potential limit to aid for Ukraine, Biden stated, in essence, that aid will continue for however long it needs to.

Republicans, such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, are cautioning against sending a blank check to Ukraine. Others believe that a cutoff is well overdue and Biden should be in Ohio to gather with US citizens who were negatively impacted by the train derailment earlier this month.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s decision to visit Kyiv, Ukraine on America’s Presidents Day? You can let us know in the comments area if you believe this trip was ill-advised for the president.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.