Biden Infuriates Entire State with Attempted 2024 Primary Calendar Shift

President Joe “Multiple Gaffes” Biden has sparked fury in the state of New Hampshire, including among local Democrats.

He did this with his proposal for changing the calendar of the 2024 presidential primaries to make South Carolina the first state to vote.

‘Deep Disturbance’

According to a report by leftist TV network NBC News, Biden’s primary calendar proposal has united all of New Hampshire – the Granite State whose motto is “Live Free or Die” – across party lines in opposition to the Democrat president.

“How dare he?” is said to be a frequently heard question of outrage, as Sleepy Joe is trying to make South Carolina the first state to vote in primaries to secure an advantage for himself.

The report quoted former Vice President Mike Pence as saying Biden’s proposal “will never happen” and “for the next 100 years,” New Hampshire would remain the “first-in-the-nation primary.”

A panel of the Democratic National Committee has also endorsed Biden’s proposal.

Under it, the presidential primary calendar would put South Carolina first, remove Iowa from the early states, then have New Hampshire and Nevada vote together on the same day.  Later, it would add two new states – Georgia and Michigan.

The leftist outlet pointed out to the people of New Hampshire, Democrats and Republicans alike, Empty Shelves Joe’s plan is a “deep disturbance.”

It noted further that the Granite State prided itself on its primaries giving rise to candidates such as John F. Kennedy, America’s first Catholic president, or Mitt Romney, the first Mormon to win a major party’s presidential nomination.

The practical side of New Hampshire’s primaries that has now been put “at risk” by Biden’s calendar change onslaught would mean killing “the intimacy” of the process.

This is a process in which presidential candidates toured the state and were hosted in people’s living rooms to be questioned on policy matters.

Taking Revenge on New Hampshire, Rewarding South Carolina

New Hampshire’s Democrats are particularly horrified by Biden’s move. They think it would ruin the party’s work that, over decades, managed to make it a swing state or a “purple” state, NBC News stressed.

Multiple Crises Joe actually decided to push for South Carolina to supersede New Hampshire after he received a delegation of the state’s Democrats who made a personal appeal to him not to do it.

According to Democratic Senator Jeannie Shaheen of New Hampshire, the president listened to the delegation carefully, then went ahead with his plan anyway by submitting it to the Rules and Bylaws Committee.

Biden’s move caused Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, the other New Hampshire senator, who is also a Democrat, to refuse to attend the White House congressional ball.

Shaheen said if she had gone to the ball after the 80-year-old president’s move, her voters back home would have been angry with her.

According to the report, what makes Biden’s plan even more outrageous is that South Carolina officials had not actually asked the president to make their state the first to vote in the presidential primaries.

In fact, South Carolina was just as surprised as everybody else by Biden’s decision, which seems designed to help him clinch the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination.

The report reminded that in the 2020 presidential primary, Biden ended 5th in New Hampshire, but won South Carolina, eventually clearing his path to the White House.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.