Biden is Weak and It’s Causing War

Former UN Representative Nikki Haley has warned that President Vladimir Putin “smells the scent of blood,” as tensions between Ukraine and Russia keep rising.

Since President Biden’s mismanagement of the Afghanistan drawdown, Haley told Fox News Network’s “America Reports” that Putin, as well as other countries, regard America as “weak.”

Russians Smell Blood

“This administration has made it abundantly apparent how weak they are,” Haley said. “They have demonstrated their weakness by selling off the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which has rendered Europe and Germany so reliant on Russia.”

“They have betrayed us by allowing the rest of the world to witness what happened in Afghanistan while we saw our American soldiers perish. They continue to exhibit weakness in their inability to reach an agreement with Ukraine and Russia.”

“Look, I worked at the United Nations for two years and dealt with Russians. My first Security Council address was a condemnation of Russia’s behavior in Ukraine. I understand how they think.”

“[P]utin, like Xi and North Korea and Iran, sees this as a moment where America has never had a leader this feeble, and if they want anything, they best take it now,” she stated.

“If you look at Putin’s intentions, he never intended to go to war. Russians have no desire to see their military go to war. He is unable to do so, due to a lack of funds. However, he’ll do it if he can win anything; he senses blood in the water, which is exactly what we’re seeing.”

Taiwan Issue

Sen. Tom Cotton stated on Fox News Channel’s “The Program” that the United States should provide Taiwan with as much, if not more, weapons, political, economic, and military backing as it does in Ukraine to avert a catastrophe.

China poses a greater threat to the United States than Russia. The US considers Taiwan to be far more vital than Ukraine.

“I believe both Xi Jinping, as well as Vladimir Putin, want to dethrone the United States as the dominant power,” Cotton stated. They also do not have to overtly coordinate or discuss their conduct.

They may, however, watch what is going on. Because of Biden’s previous year of conciliation, appeasement, and cowardice regarding Ukraine, Xi Jinping perceives Vladimir Putin massing over 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border.

What we should really be doing is applying what we’ve learned because China poses a greater threat to the United States than Russia. For the United States, Taiwan is far more significant than Ukraine.

As a result, we should be deploying as many or more armaments to Taiwan today as we are to Ukraine.

We should provide Taiwan with as much, if not more, diplomatic, economic, and political backing as we do Ukraine, precisely to avert the kind of catastrophe with Taiwan that we see now on Ukraine’s frontiers.