Biden Keeps Forgetting Names of US Officials Seconds After Introduction

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

Biden’s gaffes have kept us all entertained for a solid two years. While it can be fun watching him go off on a completely unrelated tangent, it becomes concerning when his cognitive abilities, or lack thereof, are in full view.

There are dozens of accounts where he’d claim something outlandish, such as the high gas prices being related to the housing market or saying gas had always been around $7.

It’s actually a full three dollars upon the average price during Trump’s presidency.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

The presidential gaffe streak never ends as Biden forgets the name of a senator

Biden even “threatened” Saudi Arabia by claiming he’s got “a word or two to tell them,” without ever explaining in detail what those things actually are.

With his plummeting approval rating, one would assume he’s visiting battleground states to help out his fellow Democrats. This would be true if he wasn’t so unpopular amongst the Democrats themselves, who usually don’t want him campaigning with them.

This is also probably why Biden was in Portland, Oregon this week on Saturday, where he made a public appearance at a town hall to address “lowering costs,” which definitely didn’t end on a high note.

Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden both appeared at this event. Despite introducing both of them to the crowd, Biden instantly forgot Wyden’s name, probably due to the noticeable lack of a cheat sheet with the attendees’ names on it.

Biden can’t seem to wrap his head around inflation

It became even more evident that this would make it into the Biden gaffe collection when he used his signature “tell” right after, which is saying “Look…” and switching to a completely unrelated topic in an instant.

This is when he segued into talking about his “Inflation Reduction Act”, which he seemingly doesn’t understand himself; he claimed buying an efficient coffee machine means you’ll be getting a tax credit for it.

This is certainly true for other appliances, but considering the fact the “Inflation Reduction Act” will do little to circumvent inflation in the US, lots of Americans won’t be in the position to buy the supposed “coffee machine” he was talking about.

If you’ve been keeping track of Biden and his “stories,” you will have noticed that a majority of them are blown out of proportion, filled with “alternate facts,” including the one he told on Saturday, which isn’t the first time we’re hearing it.

Once again Biden addressed himself as “Joey” from his grandfather’s perspective, claiming that his “pop pop” told him to “keep the faith,” followed by his “mee maw” telling him to spread it instead.

The thing is, there’s nothing he’s been spreading the “faith” about. He’s been in full support of abortion up until birth and just about anything that goes against his Catholic upbringing.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.