Biden Leaves for Vacation to Avoid Midterm Campaign

Almost one week before the midterm elections, President Biden spent his weekend holidays in his home state of Delaware, while other current and former officeholders of the Democrat Party were doing election campaigns. 

Republican election strategists claim Biden is intentionally avoiding voters ahead of the midterm elections, due to his long-standing poor approval ratings.

Biden Escapes Mainstream Campaigning Activities 

Even though Biden is in Delaware, first lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and former President Obama are attending campaign events across the nation.

Matt Gorman, who is the vice president of election campaigning firm, Targeted Victory, noted Delaware is the best place for Biden these days. Democrats do not want to see him within 100 miles of any election race.

Biden should only be appearing in campaigning events if he wants Republicans to win all the competitive races, Gorman added.

Likewise, former counselor of Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, stated Biden made a smart move by traveling to Delaware on the weekend.

As Biden’s policies failed voters and Democrats are consistently ignoring people’s wishes, Biden’s presence in campaign events could have damaged the chances of Democratic candidates even further, Conway continued.

Meanwhile, Biden claimed he is feeling good about the Democrat Party after casting his vote early. Per Biden, he campaigned with 26 Democratic candidates up for election on November 8.

Furthermore, Biden asserted he would spend the upcoming week campaigning, as he is scheduled to attend events in Maryland, Pennsylvania, California, and New Mexico.

Dems Will Lose Midterms Even Without Biden

However, the top leadership of the Democrat Party is busy with election campaigning. For instance, Kamala Harris attended a campaign event in Baltimore on Saturday.

Similarly, Obama visited Detroit, Michigan to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer. Apart from that, Obama also backed Democratic Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers and Senate candidate Mandela Barnes.

In addition to that, Jill Biden fled to New Hampshire to campaign for the reelection of incumbent Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan.

Matt Wolking, the official of the pro-Republicans election firm, Axiom Strategies, claimed Democrats are going to lose their elections even if Obama campaigns for them. Democrats are vulnerable to lose even if Biden spends the next whole week snoozing on a beach, Wolking continued.

Some election experts insist the involvement of Barack Obama is not producing too many favorable results for Democrats.

Conway said Obama has a terrible record of election campaigns for candidates other than himself. During Obama’s eight years of presidency, Democrats lost their 12 governors, nine senators, tens of House seats, and nearly 950 state legislature seats.

Before flying to Delaware, Biden attended a campaign event in New York and Pennsylvania. He told voters Republicans would further increase inflation if they managed to win midterm elections.

Biden also added Republicans would incentivize big corporations by reducing their taxes, which would eventually create a wealth gap.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.