Biden Lies About the Economy in New Interview

Joe Biden is desperate to write a narrative about the economy that just isn’t accurate.

This president wants folks to believe the economy is cruising along on his watch. Biden also wants the nation to think that electing Republicans into office next month will bring the economy to its knees.

In reality, the truth couldn’t be more far off. The fact is the economy is facing a recession, furloughs, inflation, and higher interest rates under a federal government where Congress and the White House are under Democratic control.

Recently, Biden sat down for an interview with MSNBC where he spread more falsehoods about his impacts on the economy. According to Breitbart News, the president is being called out for this accordingly.

An Alternate Universe

When Biden sat down with MSNBC this week, he was questioned about polling that shows most Americans want the GOP controlling Congress and handling the economy, rather than Democrats.

When confronted with this news, the president again refused to accept the reality. Biden told MSNBC that he doesn’t believe the polls are entirely accurate.

In fact, Biden even went so far as to allege that much of what he’s accomplished concerning the economy has yet to go into effect. If this is accurate, then this is very bad news.

In real-time, Americans are already living with the impacts of sky-high inflation and growing economic instability.

This wasn’t addressed during the MSNBC interview at all, though. In fact, the network intentionally fed the president softball questions to make him come off in as good a light as possible.

Hope Lies Ahead

While Joe Biden isn’t going to be honest about what the economy is like on his watch, most Americans can very clearly see what’s happening here.

Americans see it as their mortgages, rents, gas prices, and grocery store bills are going up. This is undeniable, empirical data that everyday people don’t have the luxury of pretending isn’t real.

So long as the White House continues to peddle lies, it shouldn’t be shocked to see Democrats aren’t largely trusted by the country, especially when it comes to matters involving the economy.

With the midterms happening in less than three weeks, the economy is taking a front-and-center focus in the minds of many voters. Inflation isn’t going to end if Democrats win the midterms and continue with more of the same ineffective reforms.

As it stands today, this country is going to need serious changes in leadership before the economy has a chance.

What do you make of the president’s statements about the current economy? Do you believe voting Democrats out of power in the House and Senate is the key to saving the economy? Feel free to sound off in the comments section.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.