Biden Loses Critical COVID Vaccine Mandate Case


In a late verdict, the 5th Appeals Court struck down Democrat President Joe Biden’s coronavirus vaccination requirement, finding it “astonishingly overly broad.”

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It’s Finally Over for the Biden Administration and Its Massive Overreach

The three-judge commission in New Orleans decreed Biden’s requirement “egregiously surpasses OSHA’s statutory responsibility.” The judges then wrote that “rather than being a finely managed scalpel, the requirement is a one-size-fits-all meat cleaver.”

It makes almost no effort to try to compensate for distinctions in worksites (and workers) which have more than a tiny impact on employees’ varying degrees of vulnerability to the supposedly grave danger.

The requirement levied financial pressures on companies that could possibly violate federal law, according to Judges Kurt D. Engelhardt, Edith H. Jones, as well as Stuart Kyle Duncan.

These judges wrote, “The requirement enforces an economic strain upon them by conscripting their involvement in OSHA’s regulatory regime and exposes them to serious financial danger if they keep refusing or fail to comply.”

“Furthermore, this edict continues to threaten to completely destroy their workforces (and market opportunities) by trying to force reluctant staff members to whistleblow.”

In a judgment issued last Saturday, the court halted the requirement, citing “potentially significant constitutional and statutory concerns with the obligation.”

The Biden regime’s warning to firms who are subject to the mandate, according to White House deputy communications director Karine Jean-Pierre, is they “should not delay” to execute the policy.

The Daily Wire was the very first large corporation to launch a suit against the Biden government. This came after the announcement of Biden’s vaccination requirement last week, the company reported in a story on Thursday.

The Regulation Would Have Been Devastating for Businesses

The complaint doesn’t really take a stand as to whether or not people should get the vaccine; it solely opposes Biden’s requirement, which was proposed earlier this year and announced on Thursday morning.

The obligation applies to all organizations with 100 or more staff and requires them to monitor their employees’ vaccination status. The Daily Wire, which employs over 100 people, is subject to the mandate.

The complaint filed by The Daily Wire argues Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate is unlawful and says the Biden government broke federal law in writing it.

“We’re not the armed wing of the federal government,” Jeremy Boreing, founder and co-CEO of The Daily Wire, said in defending the company’s decision to sue.

“Forcing individuals to choose either their livelihood or their liberty is a disgusting misuse of power,” Boreing continued. “The cost of adopting this testing system will not be borne by us.”

“We shall not be held liable for interfering with our workers’ private health choices and data. Our firm was formed to fight oppression, and we will continue to do so.”