Biden May Be Getting Some Inside Info on the Food Crisis

Long before dozens of food processing plants started bursting into flames in 2022, Biden seems to have had a premonition about the events that would unfold; he even went public with it.

Of course, our president is no psychic; we’d be surprised if he knew what day it is tomorrow, let alone what’ll be happening in the world in the future.

How’d Biden know for sure there’d be food shortages in the US

However, this doesn’t mean he’s not getting some classified information from unknown sources. This possibility feels extremely likely, considering Biden is so sure about everything he’s said regarding the global crisis that’s unfolding before our very eyes.

Last week’s egg farm fire continued the trend from last year in 2023. It came suspiciously fast after egg prices reached record-breaking highs, caused by the combination of the Avian Flu breakout and the raging Bidenflation.

Over the course of the past 18 months, egg prices have spiked to upwards of $8 a dozen, leaving many lower-income families without access to this crucial ingredient.

Things would only get worse with the food plant fires, which quickly became an epidemic throughout the United States. Report numbers made the highest spike in the past decade, leaving many wondering whether there was foul play involved.

Tucker Carlson outlined this in one of his latest shows, revealing that Biden said food shortages will surely become a thing inside the US as well, despite there being no clear-cut sign of it happening in the foreseeable future.

An “epidemic” of accidents

Carlson added that Biden showed no panic or surprise on his face while saying it, almost as if he’d had an inside scoop on the Avian Flu outbreaks that would happen months later.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell what was going through his head at the time. Biden probably can’t either, as he’s usually reading off of notes anyways, but the fact remains that he had this info before anyone else could get their hands on it.

It remains unclear why he’d announced food shortages during his speech in Brussels, but his warnings soon proved to be correct. Disasters at food processing plants across the country started happening mere weeks after he’d made the announcement.

In fact, only a month later, two separate private jets crashed and took out two food processing centers, one in Georgia and another in Idaho.

In February last year, another one of these accidents happened. A faulty boiler caused an explosion in an Oregon potato processing plant, completely taking out potato production in the area.

This led many Americans, even those who choose not to connect the dots every so often, to begin wondering what Biden could have in store for this country.

His actions have completely destroyed our economy. Now, he’s going after our food production as well? It’s hard not to notice these things and even harder not to ask yourself how we didn’t see it coming from a mile away.

Maybe we’re just not giving Biden enough credit and he’s way ahead of us on these things, but that’s about as likely as these incidents being actual accidents.

Sadly, the Biden administration isn’t willing to provide any data for us to work with. On top of this, we can’t get any answers on our own, because there is actually no data on any of these happenings.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.