Biden Pretends To Make Democracy More Secure With New Election Law

Joe Biden and his Democrat Party can’t stop talking about January 6, 2021. This was the day when Trump supporters protested on Capitol Hill and several thousand entered the building, some of whom were non-violent.

Now, Biden has put through a new law under the guise of protecting “democracy” that will actually give the Democrats more tools to potentially manipulate the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Back to the Future

Sometimes it seems that we are living a political déjà-vu! It is common knowledge that those who like old things can find them in a museum. One example is Biden, who’s going back to a law from 1887 to try to stop conservatives from gaining power.

At the end of last month, he passed an extremely archaic law, the 1887 Electoral Counting Act. This law also includes the Consolidated Appropriations Act.

Kamala Harris, the current vice president, even if she continues in her political office in 2025, will be able to do her job without plausible interference in the rejection of voting in any U.S. state.

That’s because she won’t have a role anymore in certifying presidential election results.

Even so, if there is the interference of some senator or congressmember put in charge of the counting of votes, it will take more than a fifth of the Senate and the House to prevent the counting of electoral votes.

Thus, we can conclude the next vote and electoral transition of a president will be quiet and orderly, without generating any doubt about the veracity of the count. I don’t think that’s the best line of thought to follow, even though liberals are cheering this on as a big win.

Imagine This…

If the presidential race is fierce at the end of 2024, matching the same political scenario as 2020, but with a large differential, the Republican Party, this time, has a majority of votes in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Meanwhile, a third presidential candidate has won two other electoral votes. This already causes some mistrust among voters. We all know each state has at least three electoral votes and it is virtually impossible for a third-party candidate to win.

So far, so good, but it’s worth remembering that low-population districts like Nebraska and Maine have different vote distributions.

It’s also good to remember Nebraska has three congressional districts, while Maine has two. So, it is possible a candidate from a third political party wins votes in two districts.

If no candidate gets the least required electoral vote of 270 votes to become president, then we would have a new electoral framework, in which the election would pass to the House of Representatives to decide the election.

Brian Kalt, a university professor from Michigan, has been warning years ago about archaic laws and their dire consequences for American politics.

The Bottom Line

Democrats are playing politics again in order to get a bigger advantage in their grip on power.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.