Biden Pushes Congress to Help Him Avoid Rail Strike

Disasters have a tendency to happen on Joe Biden’s watch. Americans remain privy to this as seen by rapidly rising inflation, the horrible US pullout from Afghanistan, and more.

Despite the very negative impacts this president has had on the country, he’s yet to take any real responsibility. Biden’s habit of blaming things on Russia, Republicans, or others is a problem to many Americans who want to see changes made.

By the president’s own admission, this change isn’t coming on his watch. In the aftermath of the midterm elections, Biden was asked by the media if he’d be open to making agenda changes to satisfy Americans who aren’t happy.

The president responded to this with a curt “no.” However, he is asking Congress to now help him dodge another catastrophe, this one being a potential rail worker strike, on his watch, according to Newsmax.

A Closer Look at Biden’s Appeal to Congress

For quite some time, America’s rail workers have been pushing for better work conditions and threatening to go on strike if they don’t get what they’re asking for.

Union leaders and Biden thus far chose to kick the can down the road and throw rail workers a bone or two; though time is running out. As things stand today, rail workers may very well strike, come December 9, if their demands aren’t met.

Therefore, the president is pushing for Congress to greenlight the Tentative Agreement, a deal that Democrats and some Republicans believe will help meet certain key demands of rail workers.

According to outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the chamber will take up this legislation and then send it to the Senate for approval. It remains to be seen whether or not this bill passes and whether or not it meets the demands of rail workers.

The Other Alternative

If a rail worker strike does end up happening, it will deal yet another blow to the nation’s economy. Already, inflation, supply chain challenges, and more difficulties are causing issues.

The last thing America needs is even more holdups, delays, and red tape to work around.

A strike of this nature would have adverse impacts on farmers feeding livestock, communities getting healthy drinking water, and suppliers having access to the goods they sell to the general public.

In recent weeks, however, rail workers have expressed concerns that the Biden administration and union leaders aren’t taking them seriously enough.

What do you make of the Tentative Agreement that Joe Biden is trying to get passed through Congress. Do you believe this will meet the demands of rail workers and prevent a disastrous strike from taking place?

You’re more than welcome to let us know how you see this playing out down below in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.