Biden Responds to Voters’ Concerns About His Age

The problems with Joe Biden being president continue to pile up. At the top of the list are economic woes that are absolutely eating Americans alive.

Many people can’t afford the growing costs of everyday necessities. That’s not to mention the interest rates that are making credit card loans, car notes, and mortgages far more expensive than necessary.

Then, there’s rising crime and growing foreign policy problems. The latter likely could have been prevented, had the president not recklessly removed our nation’s troops from Afghanistan in a way that let the Taliban reclaim power.

Over the weekend, the president held an interview with MSNBC where he spoke about worries voters have about his age, Breitbart News documents.

The President on His Age

In less than one month, Biden will be 80 years old. Over the weekend, he spoke with MSNBC, during which he was asked about voters who have reservations concerning his age.

To this end, the president stated that these concerns are “legitimate.” Biden then went on to concede he could get sick and “drop dead” at any moment. Though in the same breath, Biden also asked voters to consider his job performance and “passion” for the position.

These aren’t good metrics for the president, however. His job performance is widely disapproved of, as documented by multiple polls.

On top of that, Biden hasn’t demonstrated any passion for lowering costs, improving energy independence, or truly putting the United States in a place to thrive.

By contrast, the president has been passionately fighting against reforms that would help America come back and repair from the damage it’s faced in recent years.

Time For a Change

Joe Biden’s leadership in the White House continues to demonstrate a real need for change. If the president wraps up the second half of his term with Democrats controlling Congress, this country is going to be in very big trouble.

Thankfully, polling shows Republicans on the road to victory as voters tire of what Democrats in power have to offer. GOP candidates across the country are overtaking their Democratic opponents, including those who were previously leading.

While speaking with MSNBC, Biden’s comments were far from reassuring as he intended them to come off. Instead, the president’s statements and his physical behaviors toward the reporter asking questions sent up tons of red flags.

On both sides of the aisle, many people are expressing that it’s time for a generational shift in political leadership. Time will tell just how long it takes for this shift to occur.

What do you make of the interview that Joe Biden gave to MSNBC over the weekend? In the comments section below, you are more than welcome to let us know what you make of all this.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.