Biden Struggling to Reassure Public and Allies Over Afghan Crisis

President Biden is experiencing a crisis of faith in his capacity to serve as leader of the country. This comes as a result of the widespread criticism he is experiencing over the bungled Afghan pullout; this pullout resulted in the deaths of 13 US servicemembers and the stranding of Westerners and Afghan allies.

Why Does Biden Keep Making Promises He Can’t Keep?

Former security officials, military commanders, and Congress members on both sides of the political aisle have chastised Biden for leaving Americans behind. This occurred as the last U.S. C-17 flight took off from Kabul on Monday evening.

International policy analysts also worry that the United States’ global standing has eroded. Both partners and enemies now see America and the Biden government as feeble and therefore unable to defend our own population and relevant stakeholders from terrorist assaults by the Taliban.

Furthermore, the families of 13 servicemembers murdered in an ISIS-K attack near Kabul airfield last Thursday have expressed their displeasure with Biden for making rash decisions that resulted in their dear ones’ loss.

As per a CBS National poll issued last week, public trust in Biden has eroded as a result of the pullout from Afghanistan. The majority of citizens do not believe Biden is knowledgeable, motivated, or effective at his job.

Furthermore, the president’s overall favorability rating fell to 50 percent; this is down from 58 percent in July, and 74 percent believed the withdrawal of US troops went “very badly” or “rather badly.”

Following Biden’s “ill-advised” plan to swiftly depart Afghanistan, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Strategy Michael C. Ryan told Fox News that America’s “capacity and will are questioned.”

Our Strategic Positioning in the East is Diminished

The deployment of US and NATO forces in the center of Eurasia sent a strong message to the region about America’s and her partners’ capabilities and willingness to pursue our common objectives. Both our ability and our willingness are now questioned, Ryan remarked.

The abrupt and hurried nature of this choice will certainly strengthen the now established notion in many parts of Europe that America is an untrustworthy partner. This undermines President Biden’s determination to advance his particular preference for working very closely with our partner nations.”

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod termed the pullout from Afghanistan a “catastrophe” and a “disaster.” He then urged Biden to reconsider the conditions on the ground as the Taliban grabbed control of the territory.

Heino Klinck, a former Assistant Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asia, told reporters that the global community views Biden’s departure from Afghanistan as a truly embarrassing pullout. This, therefore, devastates America’s standing on the global stage in the eyes of opponents such as China and Russia, as well as allied forces.