Biden Suffers Massive Blow Over Kabul Disaster


Following the killing of at least 13 US service members in an ISIS-K terrorist incident at the Kabul airfield on Thursday, Joe Biden has been under fire from all parties, with some calling for his suspension and removal.

The revelation that the US gave the Taliban the identities of Americans and Afghan partners it wished to evacuate added to the indignation over the lives lost on Thursday.

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Biden’s political problem comes on the heels of a foreign affairs disaster in Afghanistan, where the Taliban stormed to victory as American soldiers withdrew on Biden’s instructions. Even liberals are speaking out against the government’s actions. Images from Afghanistan have added to the administration’s plummeting approval numbers prior to yesterday’s bombing.

The Evacuation Procedure was Obviously Botched

Even though it is obvious that America cannot keep putting our military service members in harm’s way for an untenable conflict, the evacuation procedure was heinously botched, according to Rep. Susan Wild, D-Pa. America, therefore, requires explanations and responsibility for the catastrophic failures that lead us to this point in order to move forward.

Critics believe that Biden should’ve just kept some soldiers in Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from gaining power, or he should have managed the withdrawal more methodically to avoid frenzied and tragic evacuations.

The White House responds that any departure would be ugly and that the evacuation out of the nation has saved thousands of lives. From 3 a.m. Thursday and 3 a.m. Friday, 12,500 individuals were rescued from Kabul, notably 8,500 on US military planes, as per the White House.

It’s why, from the beginning, Biden consistently stated that this operation is extremely dangerous, and why he’s always been determined to keep the project’s length to a minimum.

Growing Calls For Biden to Resign

The administration’s escalating issues are unfolding more than a year before the midterms and his political standing may improve. Many in Congress, however, are demanding that Biden be held accountable for what they see as a botched pullout effort, even asking for the president’s impeachment or suspension.

Rep. Tom Rice says Biden demonstrated that he’s unfit for the post of commander in chief. He disregarded his advisers and rushed this hasty withdrawal without proper conditions or evacuation of our citizens and allies.

Rice also says that Biden’s incompetence cost at least 12 Americans their lives. All alternatives are on the board to make President Biden responsible for this unfortunate series of events that may have been avoided. Rice believes Biden should resign and hand over the work to someone who is capable of doing it.

Despite demands for Biden’s resignation or possible impeachment, the president will almost certainly face a barrage of legislative inquiries investigating the withdrawal. Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Democrat Mark Warner, announced last week that his advisory board will look into the government’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Democrat Senator Jack Reed, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, has stated that his advisory board will follow suit. If conservatives retake the House or Senate in 2022, legislative scrutiny will almost certainly become much stricter.