Biden to Face the Heat on Capitol Hill

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley, a Trump supporter, will hold a vote on failure regarding Biden’s State Department nominations on Thursday. Hawley is going to blame Biden for the “catastrophic” pullout of US military equipment from Afghanistan.

He’ll also be alerting that Biden’s refusal to accept culpability is “destructive.” Finally, the GOP senator will be making demands that Biden’s top national defense and security authorities resign.

Congress is deciding this week on a handful of State Department candidates after Sen. Josh Hawley revealed the other week he imposed a “hold” on them.

This hold requires a debate on the floor of the Senate about nominations who would have been easily verified elsewhere.

Accountability for what transpired in Afghanistan is required. It was a complete disaster, Hawley explained. Joe Biden is to blame. It was all part of his strategy. He carried it out. It was a complete disaster.

President Biden’s “behavior” has been a “disgrace,” according to Hawley

Hundreds of American civilians must not be abandoned to the enemies. It is unacceptable to witness 13 American soldiers die and declare the mission an “amazing success,” as Joe Biden put it.

Hawley, who spoke to Fox News, said that is really absurd. It’s ridiculous. It is both disrespectful and unacceptable to argue that this is someone else’s problem, but not ours.

Hawley went on to ask that Biden’s top security officers resign after blaming the Biden government for refusing to “take any responsibility” for the bungled pullout.

Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense, should resign. Tony Blinken, the Secretary of State, should resign. Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, should leave at the very least, Hawley explained.

However, Biden has not fired anyone. He hasn’t even admitted to committing any wrongdoing. Biden doesn’t want to acknowledge any failing at all, Hawley added.

This is the same guy who still claims the event was a “huge success, and if it was, why would you fire anyone?

Biden’s Withdrawal was a Disaster

After the collapse of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, the US government committed to fighting against the terrorism in places like Afghanistan.

Nearly 20 years later, the Taliban re-assumed control of Afghanistan and the United States withdrew its forces. According to the Biden government, the country’s role has moved from a military to a political one.

Now, the State Department is reportedly trying to remove any remaining Americans, as well as Afghanistan partners. The Biden government claimed to have safely removed 124,000 people from Kabul, including 6,000 Americans.

Hundreds of innocent people from the United States have been left behind enemy territory and they’re still there. There are still Westerners stuck in Afghanistan who have been abandoned to ISIS and the Taliban. It’s a travesty.