Biden to Meet with Chinese as Taiwan War Looms

The top priority of Chinese ruler Xi Jinping’s impending talk with President Joe Biden on Monday evening, according to the Global Times, is to “prevent ‘Taiwan independence.”

Having never actually had control over Taiwan throughout its history, the Communist Party of China deems acknowledgment of the island’s actuality as a free, democratic nation “secession.”

Taiwan is a completely independent and sovereign nation. However, Beijing keeps on calling it a wayward “province” and browbeating other countries, especially the US, for failing to recognize its status.

Who knows what will happen?

A virtual meeting between Xi and Biden has been set for Tuesday China time, or Monday Washington time. The US government has not stated what the discussion’s goal is. The necessity of forcing Biden to distance the US from Taiwan, a friendly country, was stressed by the Global Times.

After Biden tried to claim, on numerous occasions, DC has a “dedication” to take military action if the Communist Party attacks Taiwan, the communist government became increasingly concerned about the issue.

Biden even went so far as to make a comparison of America’s ties to Taiwan to those with NATO members. Unlike Taiwan, the United States is obligated by treaty to react to any assault on a NATO country, as if it were an attack on its own soil.

The US does not officially recognize Taiwan’s independence; doing so would result in Beijing’s “One China” policy cutting all connections with the US.

The Global Times proclaimed Taiwan to be a major problem for Xi in an article titled, “Programs Designed to Help ‘Taiwan Secession’ Together Key for China, the US to Control Rivals.”

The piece asked the United States to “take a constructive role in reversing the DPP authority’s radical path,” referring to Taiwan’s governing Democrat Progressive Party (DPP).

“To lessen the potential of a strategic confrontation between China and the United States, the latter must step away and show patience on the Taiwan issue.”

“It must also recognize it is the only one who must take a step back in order to keep the forces behind China and the United States at a respectable distance.”

This is a mega issue

Taiwan is “the most vital and pressing” problem between both the two nations, according to the Global Times, and “the most likely spark to ignite a clash between China and the United States.”

The Global Times claimed the Xi government has given up hope diplomacy will culminate in the US agreeing with its erroneous claim Taiwan is Chinese territory, prompting it to contemplate military invasion as a credible option.

“We were increasingly convinced attempting to decipher Washington’s rationale is a pointless exercise and force appears to work better than arguing with the American side,” the propagandist publication claimed.

“Yes, in recent years, the Chinese heartland [communist China] has increased its plans for a military war over the Taiwan Straits.”