Biden Under Fire Over Use of Federal Funds Overseas

Last year, American troops pulled out of Afghanistan on Biden’s orders. Due to the handling of this pullout, 13 US troops died and Afghanistan fell back into the hands of the Taliban.

Biden repeatedly referred to the operation as a success, ducking widespread criticism. Though the president has also put some of our country’s funds into helping rebuild Afghanistan.

Recently, this is under scrutiny with the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) seeking more information about the use of these funds.

According to one GOP lawmaker, Biden is not engaging with SIGAR’s efforts to learn more information, per Newsmax.

Hitting a Brick Wall

Last week, GOP Rep. Michael McCaul spoke about the problems SIGAR keeps running into.

Per McCaul’s account, the president is obstructing requests of SIGAR to find out the exact use of close to $1.1 billion, reportedly meant to help an Afghanistan now under the thumb of the Taliban.

The GOP representative also warned the State Department, Treasury Department, and USAID are blocking the necessary auditing process. McCaul’s letter to these agencies is therefore calling upon them to stop evading this procedure.

Why the Biden administration isn’t cooperating with a review into the use of Afghanistan aide remains to be seen. Though it certainly gives many Americans pause about the intentions of the White House.

A Pattern For Biden

The president’s lack of cooperation with SIGAR on oversight of Afghanistan aid is far from an outlier. Despite previously vowing to be the most transparent administration, this White House has been anything but.

During this year, many leaders started raising questions about the amount of federal funds going to Ukraine amid the ongoing war waged there by Russia. Yet, this, too, is a matter which the president hasn’t been very open about.

This is why Republican lawmakers have committed to reviewing the use of these funds after taking the House of Representatives’ majority in January. There is no telling what information such a review will expose. However, Americans deserve to have answers.

As inflation and other problems continue wreaking havoc in Americans’ lives, more questions about federal funds sent overseas are coming up. Many leaders here in the states warn there’s a limit to how much money can be reasonable sent to Ukraine, Afghanistan, and other nations.

After all, the United States cannot be in any position to help others if our own affairs as a nation aren’t in order.

Why do you think Joe Biden is failing to cooperate with the procedural oversight of over $1 billion in US funds that went to Afghanistan? Are you worried the Biden administration might be hiding something?

In the comments area below, please share your thoughts about this latest bit of controversy.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.