Biden Using Defense Production Act to Get Political Mileage

Joe Biden is capitalizing on the Defense Production Act (DPA) to further his green energy agenda, which is stalled in Congress. 

Originally this act was supposed to bring the United States out of chaos in times of war and other critical emergencies related to national security.

Biden Abusing His Powers For Political Gains

Since his inauguration, Biden relied on the DPA for various purposes, including boosting coronavirus testing/vaccination production and the recent tackling of the baby formula shortage.

However, the pursuit of green energy technologies using the DPA is making this act controversial. Biden promised to build infrastructure that will manufacture half of the new vehicles in 2030, based on electricity instead of fuels.

This promise urged him to invoke the DPA for electric vehicle battery manufacturing, as the president claimed this issue is “essential to national defense.”

Similarly, Biden recently invoked the DPA for the domestic manufacturing of solar panel components; according to him, this will help the country in countering the surging energy crisis.

Back then, the president justified his actions by claiming the DPA was necessary for solar panels as the markets were unable to prefer the sector otherwise.

This solar panel sponsorship is likely to boost the production of photochemical modules and other components which are extensively used in the solar panel industry.

However, this is a purely partisan agenda that is pursued by Democrats without considering Republicans’ concerns. So, Biden acted as the legislature himself, as his party was unable to pass the Green New Deal from Congress.

Biden’s Green Energy Agenda Guaranteed to Kill Jobs

Many activists claim pro-climate measures are likely to bring thousands of green energy jobs to the country, but they often ignore the jobs lost due to the declining fossil fuels industry under Biden’s nose.

For instance, 11,000 people lost their jobs in the Keystone XL project, due to a single executive order of the president.

Now, these uses of emergency acts are also expected to shift the dynamics of the American economy in times to come, as it makes the oil industry’s jobs fragile. 

However, experts believe this attempt by Biden is to lure progressive voters and keep the far-left faction of the party intact, which felt betrayed after the killing of the social spending bill.

Although many presidents have used this act for various reasons, Biden is invoking this critical act for ordinary measures.

“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Former President Trump used it to boost the production of personal protective equipment and ventilators after the rise of the pandemic in the United States, which was not a partisan agenda.

A senior energy fellow in a non-partisan think tank R Street Institute, Philip Rossetto, stated the previous administrations kept this emergency act only for “legitimate national security concerns.”

Whereas now, nobody knows the extent to which the incumbent president is using this measure for controversial means, Rossetto added.