Biden Viciously Sneers at Press After Ignoring Their Questions

(Video snapshot from C-Span)

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden made the reporters of American media seem like fools. He first ignored their questions and then viciously sneered at them for shouting out loud in desperate attempts to attract his attention.

Midway Switch from ‘Open to Press’ to ‘Closed to Press’

Sleepy Joe’s relations with the press have been highly problematic.

Biden’s latest problematic episode with reporters occurred on Tuesday. An event open to the press all of a sudden became “closed.” The Democratic president himself mocked and accused the reporters of shouting out questions at him.

Empty Shelves Joe was speaking at a task force roundtable on access to abortion, which marked the 100th day since the Supreme Court killed Roe v. Wade and once again made abortion a state-level issue.

The ruling at the end of June prompted at least 26 states to start procedures for partial or full abortion bans.

During the event, Biden lambasted those states, accusing them of curtailing women’s rights, while also announcing a healthcare service funding package of $6 million, The Daily Mail reported.

The task force meeting in question started as being open to the press, with reporters observing the talks.

However, during the event, a White House staffer said it was switching to being closed to the press, asking the reporters to leave.

Immediately after that, journalists were already being ushered out of the meeting room, and they began shouting questions at Joe Biden.

(Video snapshot from C-Span)

‘Seriously, seriously’

While many of the questions shouted by the reporters dealt with reports that GOP candidate Herschel Walker paid for his girlfriend to have an abortion in 2009, there were also other topics included.

Regardless of the reporters’ shouting, a White House staffer ushering them out of the room managed to shout louder as he directed the press to leave while thanking them.

It was the reporters’ desperate attempts to get any answers that led Joe Biden to ridicule them with a grin. He declared the US reporters are “the only press” around the world “that does this.”

“Seriously, seriously,” Sleepy Joe added, sneering at the journalists whom he not only refused to answer but also had ushered out of the room halfway through an event.

Biden’s recent public appearances have been marked by his tense handling of the media.

While he was visiting the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), he made it clear he did not want to answer a question about his dealings with Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis on the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

When asked about his relationship and conversation with DeSantis, Sleepy Joe just declared the question was “totally irrelevant.” He then “benevolently” granted an answer anyway by stating that DeSantis “thanked” and “complimented” him.

Back in July, when a reporter said a recession was “more likely than ever” in a question, Biden said the journalist was “making things up.”

In January, in a hot mic incident, Sleepy Joe even called Peter Doocy, Fox News’ White House correspondent, a “stupid son of a bitch.”

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.