Biden Wants to Bring Back Mask Mandates – It’s Pointless


Given fears over the more infectious delta strain of the virus, the Biden administration is actively preparing the population for the reintroduction of COVID-19 control programs, such as returned mask mandates.

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The commander in chief is allegedly in discussions with the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) to reincorporate mask regulations and social isolation requisites. Biden spoke on Wednesday that when classrooms get back together in the fall, health authorities are likely to suggest masks for all children under the age of 12.

However, the mask requirement in Los Angeles County has been reinstated. It’s possible that more liberal towns will follow suit.

Will It Even Help?

It’s not obvious whether or not this will help. Immunizations, which are now widely available to anybody aged 12 or older, are by far the most efficient COVID-19 prevention method.

Practically everyone who is at risk of a poor coronavirus health result can get a vaccination that lowers their risk of death to about zero. If public health experts are concerned about delta, they should focus all of their resources on vaccine development.

Mask requirements, on the contrary, primarily serve as a medium of communication. Immunized people that wear masks show that they are concerned about the epidemic. Likewise, politicians who insist on mask restrictions are aligning themselves with a particular political clan.

The mask is effectively the Democrats equivalent of the Make America Great Again cap if you’ve already had your COVID injections. The age of the mask requirement must come to a close if policymakers are more interested in healthcare than party signals, which they should be.

When immunizations were absent and even medical specialists were unsure of the conditions inside which infected people were most capable of spreading the disease, extensive mask use was likely beneficial in only certain indoor environments, albeit it was likely influenced by reasons other than requirements.

If You Have Been Properly Vaccinated, There is No Need For Mask Wearing

The immunizations, on the other hand, alter the equation. You wouldn’t need the mask if you’re an adult who has been properly vaccinated. If you’re an untreated adult, the mask isn’t necessary—you should be vaccinated instead. COVID-19 poses extremely minimal harm to your health if you’re a child.

In theory, if there are areas of the country where immunization rates are really low, persons who steadfastly refuse to be immunized could benefit from mass mask use. Individuals who may not want to obtain the immunization, on the other hand, are unlikely to adopt the other, more inconvenient mitigation techniques.

On the flip side, places with high immunization rates are more likely to restore mask laws and experience universal compliance. Immunization must not be considered one of several tools; it is the strategy. The masks are a slap in the face to this life-saving, pandemic-stomping medical breakthrough.