Biden Warns U.N. of Putin’s Plan to Destroy Ukraine

Merely hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared his intention to significantly intensify Europe’s biggest war in decades, President Biden stood before the United Nations.

Biden publicly condemned Moscow’s attempts to “remove” Ukraine from the map, alerting that Moscow’s imperialistic ambitions put the entire world in danger.

Biden Vows to Support Ukraine

On Wednesday, when speaking to an audience of foreign leaders, Biden singled out the Russian president as the cause of conflict that alarmed the whole planet.

He vowed neverending support for Ukraine and urged all countries, friendly or not, to oppose Moscow. Simply put, this war is about eradicating Ukraine’s freedom to exist as a state and as a society, according to Biden.

Putin gave an unusual national address before the president’s speech to the U.N. General Assembly. He ordered the mobilization of up to 300,000 reserves for the military effort and reiterated his warning to use nuclear weapons if Russia were endangered.

Putin also approved of what American authorities referred to as a fake referendum for the Russian annexation of Ukrainian regions that Moscow had captured.

Biden argued, “the world ought to identify these despicable stunts for what they are.” Putin asserts he had to take action because Russia was in danger. Yet,no one put Russia in danger.

Biden always intended to use his address to criticize Putin and call on the West to unite in maintaining its support for Kyiv.

The seriousness of his appeal was increased by Putin’s aggressive speech, however, as worries the Russian leader would deploy a tactical nuclear weapon on the battlefield grew.

The president said Putin was now a global disgrace while bringing up Russia’s alleged atrocities – an additional mass grave was just discovered. Some of the victims were displaying evidence of torture.


Despite worries being raised in major cities throughout the world by Putin’s bellicose statements, U.S. officials swiftly expressed their belief that Moscow’s change in approach was motivated by weakness.

Because he was concerned that a general effort to increase soldiers would spark unrest and other internal issues, Putin long rejected any kind of military deployment.

Yet, the astonishing power of Ukraine’s recent military offensive compelled Putin to act, showing the Russian military was still at risk of losing more of the area it had taken since the incursion in late February.

Europe to Face Hard Times

Despite Putin’s dismal performance in the battle, U.S. officials think the most dangerous part of the struggle is just around the corner.

According to Biden’s advisers, Ukraine’s recent victories demonstrate that Europe’s support for Kyiv is still worthwhile.

The president emphasized this point from the podium in Turtle Bay, urging the continent to strengthen its determination as the US continues to provide Ukrainian opposition with billions of dollars worth of weaponry and supplies.

He characterized the coming century once more as a conflict between democracy and autocracies, but he also urged non-democracies to support the West in its standoff with Moscow.

However, important participants in that audience weren’t present.