Biden Will Not Eliminate Dakota Access Oil Pipeline

"Montana National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Last month, leftist activists gathered outside of the White House, calling for President Biden to eliminate the Dakota Access pipeline. Calls for the demise of this pipeline follow the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline earlier this year; this shutdown resulted in thousands of lost jobs, something that conservatives and even a few Democrats criticized the 46th president for.

“Virginia National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Opponents of the Dakota Access oil pipeline argue that it poses a grave threat to the environment and climate change. Liberal celebrities who fly around in private jets have also joined calls to eliminate this pipeline once and for all.

However, on this front, the left will not get their way…at least not for now. Washington Examiner confirms that President Biden has thus far decided against eliminating the Dakota Access oil pipeline.

The Continuation of the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline

Attorneys for the U.S. government announced yesterday that the Dakota Access pipeline shall remain as is. At this time, the pipeline remains under an environmental inspection, something that left-wing activists had hoped would result in a shutdown.

Despite the noise from the left, ending the Dakota Access oil pipeline would have harmful impacts on the gas and oil industries. This pipeline has also been transporting oil through America for years on end. Shutting down Dakota Access would furthermore cause thousands of more lost jobs, triggering backlash from Republicans and conservatives.

Temper Tantrums from Leftists

Left-wingers in support of ending the Dakota Access pipeline are already having their meltdowns. With no words about the U.S. workers who would suffer from ending this pipeline, leftists claim that environmental injustices are being allowed to foster so long as Dakota Access remains.

Radical environmentalists are also now claiming that President Biden should employ executive orders to do away with the Dakota Access pipeline. Democrat lawmakers have additionally claimed that Biden can show his care about climate change by doing what they deem is best.

In addition to advocating for the erasure of the Dakota Access oil pipeline, leftists also aim to see oil pipeline initiatives, in general, meet their end. Amid an economic crisis, Democrats still have yet to offer an alternative for the Americans who rely on the Dakota Access oil pipeline for employment.

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