Biden Wrestling with Search for “Simpatico” Running Mate

"ENOUGH." (Public Domain) by dankeck

As fall 2020 gets closer and closer, the unknown of which person Joe Biden will select as his running mate remains under an intense microscope.

The former vice president made headlines in March when he vowed to select a female running mate. This clear attempt at pandering and identity politics didn’t please all Democrats though; certain folks on the left stated that Biden ought to commit to selecting a black woman as his running mate.


Thus far, Biden has maintained that several black women are in the running as potential picks. Although, Washington Examiner reports also indicate that the former vice president is struggling with finding a running mate that he is “simpatico” with.

Biden’s Search for a “Simpatico” Running Mate

Those close to the former vice president state that Biden is having a tough time finding a running mate who ticks all the boxes on his checklist. These boxes include foreign policy knowledge, loyalty, the ability to deal with the political spotlight, and the capacity to win over progressive Democrats.

Biden allies furthermore maintain that the former vice president is looking for a running mate that mirrors his own relationship with Obama. Citing the Obama-Biden relationship as one of “genuine closeness and trust,” the former vice president is now seeking that in whichever person winds up joining him on the 2020 ticket.

At this time, people close to Biden state that his choice will ultimately come down to “trust and relationships” since there is not an “obvious frontrunner” at this time.

Who is in the Running as a Potential VP Pick?

At this time, Biden’s campaign has not released an official statement containing the names of individuals under consideration.

However, some names to come up include the following: Michigan Govenror Gretchen Whitmer, California Sen. Kamala Harris, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms, California Rep. Karen Bass, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and others.

Other female Democrats previously under consideration removed their names from the list.

In some political circles, the idea of Biden announcing his running mate by August 1 has circulated; however, neither the former vice president nor his campaign have confirmed that he’ll choose a running mate by this Saturday.

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