Biden Has Yet to Assume Responsibility for Multiple Crises

A failed military departure from Afghanistan, record hyperinflation, unprecedented illegal immigration, and a COVID-19 death toll that has overtaken his predecessor characterize President Biden’s first year in power.

Despite low poll numbers and the impending midterm elections, Biden has remained committed to his staff. In fact, not a single official has been dismissed or demoted as a result of his first year’s gaffes.

The Afghanistan Crisis

After Taliban militants reconquered Afghanistan in 11 days, Biden faced significant international condemnation.

Suicide bombers murdered at least 183 people, including 13 US service personnel, during a major evacuation of the US forces at Hamid Karzai Airport Terminal on August 26.

In retaliation, the US launched two drone attacks against alleged ISIS-K terrorists, one of which resulted in the deaths of ten Afghan civilians, notably seven children.

Biden also left hundreds of US citizens and tens of thousands of Afghanistan allies behind. Nearly 500 Americans were evacuated in the months following the pullout, according to the State Department, with only a few remaining today.

The Inflation Crisis

After dismissing inflation as “transitional” for months, the Biden administration only recently began to acknowledge it as a problem.

In November, the consumer price index increased by 6.8% over the previous month, the largest increase since June 1982, while inflation reached 7.1 percent.

The rate of inflation more than doubled the pace predicted by Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers. Cecilia Rouse, the authority’s head, stated last month the council “expected the market to become more open” by now.

It also failed to “completely appreciate the supply chain wouldn’t be able to handle the heightened demand for durable products.”

COVID Crisis

Although Biden’s approval numbers plummeted on subjects like economics and inflation, he has traditionally gotten higher marks for his management of COVID-19, which has also declined over the past year.

Per an ABC News/Ipsos poll, 53% of people are in favor of Biden’s handling of the coronavirus, falling from 69 percent when he first took office, with a significant dip among swing voters.

Biden’s administration has seen more deaths than Trump’s, notwithstanding his promises to “shut down the virus.”

During the busy holiday season, the Biden government was roundly chastised on both sides of the aisle over footage of individuals waiting for hours in long lines to get a COVID-19 test and hundreds of flights being canceled, due to testing standards.

Biden already committed to addressing the Trump government’s testing problems, issuing an executive action in January, designating COVID-19 response director, Jeff Zients, to oversee the pandemic reaction.

After the country experienced a spike in the season, due to delta, Zients promised to boost testing capacity, but the efforts fell short.

After many reactions and the spreading of omicron, the White House only confirmed last month that a scheme was in place to bring free tests to Americans’ homes after White House press secretary Jen Psaki earlier dismissed the concept.