Biden’s 80th Birthday Signals the Inevitable End to His Woke Regime

After Biden’s birthday party yesterday, we’ve all been asking ourselves the same question; how old does a man really have to be to become unfit to serve as president? Good old Joe here proved that 78 is probably the answer.

The event of his turning 80 makes Biden the first octogenarian serving president in US history. While wisdom does sometimes come with age, so does cognitive decline. Biden has no shortage of it.

Happy Birthday and don’t stick around the White House for another one

Despite being the oldest person in history to serve as the president of the United States, Biden announced that he will be running for re-election in two years. No one, not even the Democrats, is happy about it.

If he actually ended up being on the ballot and somehow won against whomever the GOP puts forward as their candidate, Biden would be 86 by the time his second term ends. Seeing as he’s already struggling to speak at 80, there’s no telling how horrid that would be.

A poll by Reuters found that well over 68% of Americans believe Biden is too old to be president, whereas another 86% believe age 75 should become the cutoff point for a serving president.

In one of his latest interviews, Obama’s senior advisor David Axelrod stated the presidency is an immensely taxing job. Regardless of how good Biden feels about himself, his being closer to 90 than 80 by the end of his term would be a disaster, to say the least.

Biden will be 86 in 2028

These concerns started long before Biden was even in office. His 2020 presidential campaign was riddled with gaffes when he’d fumble his words and wander around as if he’s lost.

This slowly transpired into his public appearances as president, when he would be seen shaking someone’s hand, only to offer it to them once again seconds later, as if he’d already forgotten. That’s only one of the hundreds of such incidents.

In response to the entirety of the US worried about his age and the impact it may have on his ability, Biden told the “Sunday Show” host that the best way to make the judgment is to watch him, after which he proceeded to slur his words once again.

It’s no secret that Biden has slowed up significantly, compared to the time he served in the office alongside President Obama. Even, then the deterioration of his cognitive ability was fairly visible, albeit much less than now.

Every speech he’s given was filled with slurred words and the casual insult he’d throw at interviewers, likely unaware that he’s even speaking in front of a crowd. That’s if we choose to ignore his overly touchy-feely behavior with younger women.

If he does decide to run in two years, it’ll be the second time he breaks the record for the oldest person running for office, whereas Trump would be 82 by the time his hypothetical second term ends.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.