Biden’s Approval Ratings at Net Negative in Key Senate States

In less than one month, the nation will know what the power balance in the House and Senate will look like for the next two years ahead. Right now, Democrats are not doing so well in vital races, despite their interest in expanding their majorities in both chambers.

Florida, for instance, is a state that will impact the upcoming Senate majority. Yet, despite Joe Biden campaigning for Democratic Senate candidate Val Demings, she is still several points behind GOP Sen. Marco Rubio.

Biden’s approval rating in Florida is at a net negative, with most folks in the state disliking his performance as president.

According to Breitbart News, a similar story rings true in other battleground states.

Bad News For Democrats Trying to Expand Their Senate Majority

In Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, Alaska, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, Biden’s approval ratings are underwater.

Ultimately, folks in these states (and others across the country) are feeling the burn of policies that Biden pushed through. This is one reason why the president hasn’t necessarily been as active in these states ahead of the midterms.

Polling has also shown that despite Biden’s efforts to get Democrats elected next month, pluralities of Americans don’t approve of his record on crime, inflation, and other key matters.

Meanwhile, people are very much aware that voting for Biden’s reinforcements in Congress means voting for more of his agenda nationwide.

In these battleground states, Republicans are also working hard to let Americans know why a GOP-led Senate is what’s best for the country.

A Good Sign For the GOP?

Not too long ago, Sen. Rick Scott, also the former GOP governor of Florida, predicted Republicans will have at least 52 seats in the Senate by the time the midterms are over.

Scott likewise believes Republicans will end up winning races in these vital battleground states where the president’s approval rating lags.

As it stands today, Democratic candidates just don’t have the best track record to run upon. No matter how they try to dress things up, the nation is severely struggling on Democrats’ watch.

At the very least, Democrats are not likely to have control of both congressional chambers after next month.

This means the current leftist monopoly will be broken up, thereby giving the country a chance at escaping the disastrous policies Biden wants to impose upon as many folks as possible.

What do you make of Joe Biden’s approval ratings being so poor in states that will determine the outcome of the Senate in next month’s elections? Do you believe the GOP can take back the Senate majority, as well as the House?

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.