Biden’s Arizona Visit Featured a Series of Gaffes

Earlier this week, Joe Biden made his long-awaited trip to Phoenix, Arizona. With everyone disappointed that he didn’t visit the southern border, all Biden had to say was there were “more important things” going on at the time.

This response is nothing short of a confession that he doesn’t care about the border situation in the slightest.

That’s even if it’s the driving force behind the growing crime rates, town resources being overwhelmed, and the fentanyl outbreak that isn’t stopping any time soon.

Biden claims they’re constructing a “fab” in Phoenix, AZ, whatever that means

None of these things seem to matter to Biden, especially now that Democrats have made it past the midterm elections, barely scraping through, solely because the red wave didn’t manifest this time around.

This response came after he’d been vacationing for almost two weeks with his family in Nantucket. This is where the Bidens usually spend their Thanksgiving dinner, while the rest of America is stuck trying to figure out how to make ends meet for the past year.

In fact, polling before the midterm elections showed that the majority of Americans have growing inflation and the border crisis as their top concerns, both of which were ignored by Democrats, who instead focused on woke policies and abortion rights.

As it turns out, the “more important thing” was his visit to a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited plant, where, according to his claims, a billion-dollar enterprise is being built.

What the heck is a “fab”

His own chip went haywire during a speech in Phoenix.

Biden tried to promote the TSMC plant’s future plans, claiming they’re creating a “fab” in Arizona to build “three nanochips,” neither of which makes sense to anyone who knows what he’s trying to talk about.

Fortunately, he salvaged his speech by accepting he doesn’t know what the heck a nanochip is, giving up on finishing the sentence and prompting laughter from the audience; though no one was laughing with him, but at him.

No one knows what Biden meant with “fab” though. With Biden, anything is possible, because there’s no telling what’s going on inside that head of his when he’s not sedated and controlled by his team.

Another thing to point out is that Apple CEO Tim Cook was also present at the event. He was even welcomed by Biden, despite his efforts in helping the CCP suppress the voices of protesters in China in recent months.

Even though they claimed to stand alongside the brave Chinese people, the Biden administration didn’t just refuse to criticize Cook. They even invited him to the state dinner with French President Emmanuel Macron; the Apple Chief Executive sat at the head table with Biden himself.

While they’re hosting persons like Cook at their events, the Biden administration is adamant about cracking down on Elon Musk for his endorsement of free speech, likely because they know the truth is rarely in Democrats’ favor.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.