Biden’s Chief of Staff Issues “Final Warning” to Voters

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Seeing every “strategy” the left resorted to ahead of the midterm elections, it’s safe to say Democrats aren’t particularly good at planning for contingencies, if at all. It’s reflected in everything they’re doing right now.

In fact, they’ve gone as far as issuing warnings to those that choose not to contribute on Election Day, claiming it to be the final chance to prevent disaster from happening as if we’re not already living in one.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Democrats are resorting to threats as a last-ditch effort to salvage elections

Biden’s chief of staff, Ronald Klain, is the main culprit behind this sad attempt at saving the Democrat Party; his actions outline exactly how desperate they’ve become now that there’s less than a week left on the clock.

With several battleground states that were previously in favor of Democrats rapidly shifting towards a toss-up, Klain resorted to the villainous strategy of ominous threats directed at left-leaning voters, hoping they’ll bend a few knees.

It’s hard not to imagine him with some clown face paint, doing his best Joker impression as he tries to strike fear in the hearts of Americans who have already made up their minds about who they’re voting for. Twitter couldn’t agree more.

According to Klain, the GOP is peddling a “big lie” and his continuous warnings about US democracy being in danger are reminiscent of Biden’s speech in front of a blood-red background when he claimed Republicans are a threat to this country.

Too little, too late

Much to his dismay though, no one was surprised by this desperate rhetoric. Democrats have been pulling every trick in the book to try and fix months of poor decision-making, including the lack of focus on pressing matters in the US.

Instead of addressing issues that the majority of voters deemed important, such as the soaring violent crime rates and Bidenflation, they chose to push policies aimed at the LGBTQ+ crowd and other woke causes.

They are effectively losing the trust of minority groups such as Latinos and Asians that previously voted Democrat.

Now that they’re actually issuing threats, things are bound to go south, even if it sounds like a more valid strategy than whatever they’ve been doing for the past two years.

Unfortunately, better doesn’t exactly indicate it’s viable; this sort of narrative is likely to backfire in the worst way possible, especially seeing as the president himself is choosing not to campaign alongside Democratic candidates.

It’s only made worse by the fact they’re bleeding supporters more than ever before, as no one is buying into the nonsense they’re selling. It’s become clear that “protecting democracy” is only important now that it will get votes on the ballot.

The actual results of their actions will be visible next week on Tuesday. No amount of threats and warnings will be enough to shift the average American from voting for what they believe will actually get this country back on track.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.