Biden’s Greatest Legacy: Highest Gas Prices in Two Years

Since President Joe Biden assumed office on January 21, 2021, the average price of a gallon of gas almost doubled.

The median price per gallon of gas was $4.819 on Saturday, according to AAA. On the day of Biden’s inauguration, the median price of petrol was $2.393 a gallon.

What’s Going On?

In a statement to The Daily Wire, National Republican Committee chair Ronna McDaniel commented, “Joe Biden’s assault on American fuel has driven people throughout the nation to drain their pockets to fill their cars.”

“However, Biden is digging into his failed program because the American folks are the people suffering the price.”

The Daily Wire claimed on Wednesday that Biden said the excessive cost of fuel will be here for a long time, lamenting to journalists he won’t be able to just “flip a switch” to lower costs.

Biden delivered his comments on fuel from a White House-built faux Oval Office set, which he apparently utilizes to keep on a script using a teleprompter.

Biden stated the high price of fuel will benefit Americans in the long run.

When pressed specifically about the “exceedingly high” cost of petrol in May, Biden answered, “Here’s the problem.”

“When it comes to gas costs, we’re in the midst of an amazing shift that, God willing, when it’s finished, we’ll be stronger, the world will be greater, and we’ll be less dependent on fossil fuels.”

According to the New York Post, Biden is still attempting to blame the high price of gas on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assault on Ukraine.

“The two issues that most working-class people are concerned about are gas prices and grocery store pricing. Both of these issues have been worsened by Putin’s conflict in Ukraine,” according to Biden.

Don’t Blame Putin

“Since the start of the year, when Putin began deploying forces on the Ukrainian border, the price of gas has grown by $1.40,” the president remarked.

“This is a price increase imposed by Putin.” Because Ukraine and Moscow are two of the world’s biggest wheat and maize breadbaskets, Putin’s conflict has boosted food prices, he added.

The rise in gas prices had minimal effect on drivers’ expenditures at the pump in the United States. Experts now predict customers may begin to spend less on other products and services.

This is a very big headwind for the US economy, which is becoming increasingly fragile.

As per OPIS, which records gasoline pricing and usage statistics, the volume of petrol pumped at US gas stations decreased by 5% in the week beginning this past Saturday, relative to the same day a year earlier.

According to AAA’s OPIS statistics, the national average US cost climbed from $3.04 per gallon on May 29, 2021 to $4.60 per gallon on May 28, this year.