Biden’s Handouts Out of Control as Unemployed Make More than Workers

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden’s administration and the Democrat Party have created a welfare state.

It is better to live on benefits and healthcare subsidies, rather than work hard while holding an honest job, a report reveals.

Obama and Biden Gutted 1990s Employment Reforms

Instead of sticking by the basic logic of the social safety net, which is to offer short-term support to those in trouble so they can get back on their feet and rejoin the workforce, the Biden administration created a class of people who almost permanently live on benefits, according to a New York Post report.

To top it all off, many of the benefits established on Sleepy Joe’s watch are bestowed upon the wealthy, thus directly benefitting the Democrats’ class of donors.

Thus, under Biden’s practically out-of-control welfare state heavily subsidized with US taxpayer dollars and borrowed money piling into the national debt, unemployment insurance benefits in some states can equal a $100,000 a year job.

Even families making $500,000 per year qualify for ObamaCare subsidies.

According to the three authors of the report, “it’s shocking, but true.” Biden’s communist welfare may be the main reason why workers have dropped out of the workforce and don’t wish to return to work.

It is pointed out that in 2022, America has some three million fewer employed, compared with 2019, even though its population has grown.

The report stressed that both Democratic presidents in the past decade, Biden and his former boss, Barack Obama, “eviscerated” the “highly effective work requirements” adopted in the 1990s in “historic bipartisan welfare reforms.”

Congress and individual states have become more generous on benefits, while public benefit limits have been killed. Thus, many handouts – such as unemployment benefits and ObamaCare subsidies – are not limited to lower-income Americans.

As a result of Obama and Biden’s changes, the combined effect of such welfare handouts provides families with much higher income than most blue-collar jobs and may even rival some white-collar professions.

Vicious Cycle of Welfare Corruption

The three authors said a new study they did for the Committee to Unleash Prosperity found shocking details.

Thus, in 24 out of the 50 states, a family of four in which nobody is employed receives unemployment benefits and healthcare subsidies equaling the national median household income.

The study established that in all 50 states, a family with an annual income of $250,000 still qualified to receive ObamaCare subsidies.

The authors noted 12 states had a combined total of ObamaCare subsidies and unemployment benefits surpassing the average salaries of firefighters, teachers, construction workers, truck drivers, electricians, retail associates, or machinists.

For instance, a family of four in New Jersey, with no one working, can rake in benefits equivalent to $108,000 of annualized earned income.

A New Jersey family in which parents collect unemployment and ObamaCare subsidies can have an annual income of $100,000. In Connecticut, the figure is $80,000.

In both states, families making $300,000 yearly qualify for ObamaCare subsidies.

Biden’s communist welfare led workers to collect benefits for six months, which is the limit in most states, then go back to work for only a few months to qualify for welfare once again, the report stressed.

To top it all off, Biden’s expansion of ObamaCare subsidies is a direct handout to the Democrat Party’s rich “donor class” in a vicious circle of “welfare corruption.”

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.