Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” is Live and Americans Aren’t Happy

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

Our beloved President Biden upset the masses yet again.

This time, he did so with the signing of a mildly put questionable bill into law, with its main goal being to slow down the ever-growing issue of inflation in the US.

However, weeks before it would even be signed, analysts found the $739 billion infrastructural plan would do very little to actually impact inflation. In fact, it would even speed it up for the upcoming two to three years.

“Person holding a protest sign with text “Let Biden Pay 4 Gas”” by Ivan Radic

$739 billion “anti-inflation” bill was signed earlier this week

Conservative Twitter blasted Biden almost immediately over his immense support for the legislation that will doom the American lower-to-middle class for years to come.

One such critic was Ian Miles Chong, who called the move “Orwellian,” claiming the bill to be nothing more than a massive transfer of wealth from the lower classes into the corporate sector.

He said it’s overshadowed only by the immensely oppressive pandemic policies that shut down hundreds of businesses.

He added aside from practically stealing your hard-earned money from you, the bill is also making the future that much more difficult for the generations to come, removing any possibility of a comfortable future for them.

The tweet was a massive success. It was quickly followed by hundreds of others sharing their own takes on the situation, with the majority of them shedding heavy criticism on the Biden administration.

A dark day for lower-to-middle-class Americans

Fox News contributor Guy Benson also chimed in, stating a number of “go green” organizations won big with the signing of this legislation.

Albeit all of it pales in comparison to the IRS doubling their funds, which has never spelled success for the majority of the American populace.

Others pointed out some blatant lies in Biden’s speech, where he claimed anyone earning under $400k won’t be paying any additional taxes; whereas research showed households with those earnings will actually pay well over $20 billion in new taxes.

The American middle class is in a considerably greater amount of danger now that Biden’s tried to fix the inflation issue himself. Now that everything’s set into motion, it’s only a matter of time before something breaks.

The vice president of foreign policy at Heritage Foundation, James J. Carafano, spoke up on the matter, claiming dark days are ahead for Americans facing the impact of the newly-signed bill.

Carafano also pointed out the bill was signed on the one-year anniversary of the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. This was directly caused by the Biden administration and started the chain of disastrous events we’re still experiencing to this day.

Despite what Biden may tell you, inflation in July remained at a devastating 8.5% compared to a year before. With so many Americans struggling to keep the lights on, it’s no wonder why everyone was so opposed to some silly “green energy” agenda.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.