Biden’s New Press Secretary Flounders on Simple Question

Joe Biden’s new press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, has a difficult job. She has to put a positive spin on one of the worst administrations in world history.

Yes, I said world. Forget about American history, Biden will go down in the history books as one of the worst executives of any nation ever.

He may not have launched a genocide or done the horrific things of past dictators. However, he has slowly and surely brought the world to the brink of global war and undone centuries of American progress economically and culturally.

Now, one journalist who’s one of the few left to actually ask hard questions put Jean-Pierre on the spot and she didn’t respond well.

Jean-Pierre Tries to Dupe Doocy

Peter Doocy was well known under Jen Psaki for asking tough questions that left her stumped; he’s not letting up anytime soon.

With Jean-Pierre, he’s taking her to task and demanding that she do her job and explain what’s going on with Biden and with this economy.

Most recently, Doocy asked Jean-Pierre why the current recession is being denied to be a recession. What’s even smarter is that Doocy used the definition of a recession from Brian Deese, Obama’s former economic director.

As Doocy said, Deese gave a very simple definition of a recession: a recession is two quarters of negative economic growth.

With this quarter’s economic report about to come out with very likely negative growth in the second quarter, how is this not a recession?

Jean-Pierre Flounders

Jean Pierre simply denied it is a recession, refusing to explain why that is. Since this is Obama’s own top economic guy’s definition, how can Jean-Pierre deny that the words have any meaning?

Jean-Pierre knows she’s lying because she chooses to simply redefine what’s a recession. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

We’ve seen how Biden is blaming high gas prices on Putin and inflation on the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Everything is always not what it seems or somebody else’s fault in this administration. They’re like a cheating husband who gaslights his poor wife over and over about his own infidelity.

It’s exhausting and extremely toxic.

A Recession is a Recession

Let’s see quarter two results, but chances are we have two quarters of negative growth on our hands. That’s a recession, according to every definition we’ve been working with in the past century.

Some Americans are doing well. There is still hope to salvage this economy, but denying that we’re in a tough position right now is not going to do anything. It’s like having a disease but simply denying it.

It doesn’t make the disease go away! Jean-Pierre or Biden can put as much spin on this as they’d like, but the rest of us are watching and we can see through their lies.

We’re getting very tired of it.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.