Biden’s Plans for America are a Disaster – Even the Dems Know It


Internal Democrat squabbles have harmed President Joe Biden’s enormous social spending plan. These squabbles are boosting the possibility the plan will stall, shrink drastically, or collapse entirely.

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Democrats Getting Cold Feet

A slew of issues have emerged. Senate Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema proved to be a big stumbling block for the party’s $3.5 trillion goals.

The Senate parliamentarian just killed the party’s years-long effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Members of the House of Representatives could derail the party’s long-awaited prescription drug reform.

Likewise, a dispute over Sen. Bernie Sanders’ attempt to extend Medicare is still raging. If any congressperson is not afraid this might fall apart, they require intervention, said Democrat Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.

Cleaver also cautioned that if Biden’s plan is not implemented, his team will pay for it at the elections. The caucus feels free to either embrace or oppose leadership.

These hurdles threaten to derail Biden’s enthusiasm from this summertime when he secured a nonpartisan infrastructure agreement in the Senate.

Biden also received bipartisan backing for a budget that would lay the stage for his massive spending measure. Now, Manchin is asking for a halt; moderate Republicans are objecting to major provisions of the bill and a new financial battle over the debt ceiling is brewing.

Because of these factors, Democrats are looking for an inner reset after months of disagreement over Biden’s program. This has played out publicly through leaks and arguments over the top-line figure.

Problems are Getting Bigger and Piling up

The slew of issues has piled up at a critical time for the Democrat Party and for Biden, who is in desperate need of a major win amidst low support ratings.

However, despite surveys showing that much of his welfare spending program is acceptable from outside of Congress, gaining approval amongst Democrats’ narrow majorities has been more difficult.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as well as Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, can’t really afford to offend either faction of their divided party. They have only a three vote margin in the House and a 50-50 split in the Senate.

If they do offend either faction of the Democrat Party, the prospects for either of Biden’s landmark domestic successes might vanish entirely.

Rep. Dean Phillips remarked that no one knows how this is going to go. That’s where, pure and simple, authority is built or shattered. It’s true of the presidency, of the speaker, and of the party leaders.

When asked how long he desires his group to put the brakes on, Manchin is the most vocal Democrat, openly asking for a hiatus on the huge spending bill as inflation rises.

One thing’s for sure: the more time passes, the worse things are looking for Democrats.