Biden’s Public Presidential Schedule Now Facing Scrutiny

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The Biden administration poses a stark contrast to the Trump administration that preceded it.

Under Trump, the Southern border was managed with the right policies in place; under Biden, the border is a mess with drugs, cartels, human smugglers, etc., coming right on over. During Trump’s time as president, he lowered the corporate tax rate; yet, Biden seeks to increase corporate taxes, a decision that would ship coveted U.S. jobs overseas.

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As it turns out, the presidential schedules of Trump and Biden are also very different from one another. According to Newsmax, the public schedule of President Biden has already garnered fresh scrutiny and attention.

What to Know About Biden’s Public Schedule as President

On Monday, former first son Eric Trump spoke with Newsmax about the differences between former President Trump’s schedules and the schedules of President Biden.

Trump remarked that his father had nearly twice the public events in one day than Biden has within one week. The former first son then noted that Trump “never stopped” working on behalf of the American people; this point arrived before Trump pointed out that Americans can now “go weeks” without even seeing Biden.

Finally, Eric Trump explained that the contrast between his father’s presidential schedules and the schedules of Biden is “baffling”; shortly thereafter, Trump slammed Biden-Harris for their “nowhere to be found” status, especially as the Southern border and other important matters remain in need of attention.

A Lackluster President

During the 2020 presidential election, then-President Trump and many other conservatives warned that Biden would not be up for the job. Now, with Biden in the White House, Americans are seeing these warnings play out in real time.

Biden’s presidential schedule is barely the tipping point. Even when Biden is in the public eye, he appears dazed and confused. During some of this president’s latest speeches, he’s meandered off from his points, made contradictions; yet the media will never call Biden on this.

New polls show that Biden is less popular than law enforcement agencies, amid leftist calls to defund and dismantle the police. Meanwhile, Democrats and Republicans are each acknowledging the need for the Biden administration to fix the border crisis.

Do you think the lack of events on Biden’s presidential schedule is cause for concern? What do you make of President Biden’s overall leadership thus far? Let us know what your thoughts are down below in the comments section.