Biden’s Record Breaking Month is Not Good

Once again, we need to focus on the border.

This is an ongoing crisis that our president created by relaxing all USA border, customs, and immigration laws.

This reckless action has led to an unprecedented crisis that only gets worse day by day. In this article, we will look at the latest numbers coming from Border Patrol.

The Staggering Numbers

According to Border Patrol officials, approximately 210,000 migrants unlawfully crossed the southwestern Mexico border in March.

As the Biden government moves closer to discontinuing the Title 42 migrant deportation program, the apprehensions set a new high for the government.

After the end of trading on Monday evening, the US Customs service leaked the March Southwestern Land Border Encounter data.

The report backs up a Breitbart Texas story from April 1 that said officials arrested over 209,000 migrants in March.

According to the official statistics, Boundary Patrol officials captured 209,906 migrants who illegally entered the southwest border beyond ports of entry.

The arrest of approximately 210,000 migrants in March is a 32% rise over February.

It also marks a 24 percent rise from March 2021. Since Joe Biden took office in January 2021, there have been the most migrant arrests.

It’s the largest number of arrests in March since the Clinton government’s final year in 2000.

Every area along the southwestern border, excluding the Laredo Sector, had a significant spike in migrant misgivings in March.

The hikes ranged from 31% in El Centro to approximately 590 percent in Yuma. The Laredo Sector saw a 0.4 percent decline.

With much more than 245,000 admissions in March — 53 percent growth over March 2021 — the Rio Grande River Sector remains the busiest.

This is closely followed by the Del Rio Sector, which caught more than 195,000 people in March, an increase of 184.5 percent over the previous month.

This is a Record Month

After the end of trading on Monday, CBP authorities issued the report, which set a new record for the Biden administration.

Single adults account for half of all migrant arrests, according to officials. The 169,062 single adult arrests represent a 33 percent increase from February’s data.

In March, unattended alien children made up only 14,167 of the total apprehensions.

This is a rise of 18%, compared to the February report. There were 26,721 family units in March, up 42% from February.

Officials expect an upsurge in migrant crossings once the Title 42 coronavirus protective strategy is phased out in late May.

“We may anticipate an uptick in interactions after the CDC’s Title 42 Health Research Order is lifted on May 23rd,” CBP Director Chris Magnus said in a prepared statement posted Monday night.

“To guarantee a compassionate atmosphere for those being treated, CBP is adding staff and resources to the border, increasing processing capability, securing more land and air transportation, and increasing medical products, food, water, and other supplies.”